Saturday 26 April 2014

Book bits: DTI, Klingons, New Frontier, and Serpents

Some Star Trek books news. Starting with a little update on Christopher L. Bennett's third Department of Temporal Investigations story, the forthcoming ebook novella, The Collectors. Listings for this are now online, which gives it a release date on October this year. Bennett has previously spoken about the novella, which will feature the DTI's time travel technology storage facility, the Eridian Vault, and the 31st century temporal agent, Jena Noi.

Coming a little sooner is Keith R.A DeCandido's new Klingon "non-fiction" book, The Klingon Art of War. The G and T Show recently talked to DeCandido about the book, who summarised what the book will entail:
It's been written in the same vein as Sun Tzu's Art of War.. It's more like a philosophy book than anything; it's a guide on how to live your life as a proper warrior. I joked that it's my first self help book.
The way the book is structured is: The original book, The Klingon Art of War, was written and published not to long after Khaless's disappearance/ascension/whatever. And it was also after the the Hurq invasion.
We've got the original text, that was from a couple of thousand years ago, and that is followed by modern commentary by a modern Klingon author named Karatak, who was mentioned in passing in a Next gen episode in the second season, who provides this modern commentary; more anecdotes and such, on how the different precepts apply to more modern Klingons. This way I can use examples from the tv show, from the novels, as well as other stuff I made up.
Also due in May, and starting to show up right about now, is Jeff Mariotte's TOS movie-era return to A Private Little War's planet Neural, Serpents in the Garden. Simon and Schuster have now released an excerpt from this one, you can find all of chapter one, on their site.

Finally a little rumouring for New Frontier. Andorian fanatic and all-round Trek-fan, Therin of Andor, has posted on the TrekBBS, reporting news from a friend of his who apparently met Peter David at a recent comic convention in Salt Lake city, and informed Therin that Peter David mentioned there are plans afoot for a new New Frontier novel. If so it will be the first since Blind Man's Bluff in 2011.

For more details of current and forthcoming books, hit one of the books buttons at the top of my schedule page, to find listing of the year's releases, and links to my previous coverage.

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