Monday 14 April 2014

Latest Wizkids miniatures games

Wizkids have announced a new expansion for their Fleet Captains Heroclix miniatures game. Following the original Federation and Klingon set, and the previous Romulan expansion, the Dominion will become the fourth faction in the game.

The new addition is expected in August this year, and will apparently include twelve new Jem'Hadar, Breen, and Cardassan ships (although the most prominent Dominion ships have already appeared in Wizkids' Tactics and Attack Wing games, so I'd anticipate some mold reuse). Like the previous Fleet Captains releases, these will be unpainted miniatures, and judging by the solicitation image, they will be a charmingly menacing shade of lilac. The miniatures come with ten sub-decks of ten cards each, ten encounter cards, and twenty-five espionage mission cards. Here's how Wizkids describe the expansion:
Victory is life! The Dominion seeks to conquer the Alpha Quadrant in this expansion set to Star Trek: Fleet Captains. The Dominion fleet brings together the forces of the Cardassians, the Breen, and the Jem’Hadar led by the Vorta and the Founders. This expansion set also introduces a new Saboteur sub-type: Shapeshifters!

Star Trek: Fleet Captains – Dominion allows for up to four factions to play in an expanded Star Trek: Fleet Captains experience! The battle for the Alpha Quadrant begins NOW!
While you await the arrival of the Dominion, Wizkids' Attack Wing game continues to expand with regular waves of single ship additions. Wave four is out this month, and is an all Delta Quadrant assortment; including the USS Voyager, Borg Sphere 4270, Species 8472's Bioship Alpha, and a Kazon Nistrim Raider. Here's what they look like all packed up:

Continue after the jump for a look at the contents of each pack:

The images above come various from Wizids, and Board Game Geek. You can get a closer look at several of the cards from each set in preview articles on and Wizkids, here: USS Voyager, Borg Sphere, Bioship Alpha, Nistrim Raider.

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