Wednesday 9 April 2014

Comic bits: nuTrek, photo-comics, and Doctor Who

A few bits of Star Trek comics news. Starting with Joe Corroney's latest art previews. The artist will be returning to the nuTrek ongoing series in May and June with the two-part story, Lost Apollo. So I presume these pages, which Corroney shared on his Facebook page, are form those issues:

Meanwhile John Byrne has been posting more previews and teases on his forums, of his work on his new ongoing photo-comic series, New Visions. One story Byrne is developing will be, in the tradition of many a TOS episode, featuring a robot. Byrne posted this image, which is an earlier design he is using as a stand-in for now:
The robot in this image is mostly a place holder. I designed "him" for an entirely different series, about ten years ago, and would like to tinker with the elements a bit before committing him to a TREK story. I want to keep the pipe-like arms and legs, but I'd prefer the overall design to be slightly less whimsical.
Continue after the jump for more from Byrne, and a look at IDW Limited's latest deluxe release:

Byrne also posted an experiment he did for a potential guest-star issue featuring Number One. This image is not as she would appear in a comic if he does go forward with this idea, as Byrne explained:
Last night I found myself contemplating a full on appearance by a "guest star" I kept almost literally as a cameo in the Annual. (Don't have an actual story in mind just yet.) Number of problems present immediately, in terms of assembling the necessary shots, but I thought I'd try a small experiment this morning.

Two things leap out at me immediately. One is that her head seems slightly too big, even tho I scaled the chin-to-eyes proportions to the Chapel head in the original shot. Second, the white streak I gave her in her hair looks here a bit too much like she is sporting an albino squirrel tail as a fashion statement.

Speaking of fashions, the female uniforms have not looked right to me in comman "gold" since the start. Blue and red work fine, but there's something about that third color that just doesn't click in my mind.

I also tried lengthening the skirt, as befits the dignity of an older woman, and adding slacks. I think that may work better if I actually shorten the skirt.

Ah, well! If this was easy, it wouldn't be half as much FUN!
Finally, IDW Limited are now taking pre-orders for their next Star Trek release, a limited edition version of the complete series omnibus of the TNG/Doctor Who crossover Assimilation2, which will be released in May.

There will be no less than six different versions of this! There are three options each in either a blue version, featuring a TARDIS emblem on the slipcase or tray case front cover, or a red cover, with a Starfleet delta. Either way it looks like the alternate emblem appears on the back cover of the cases anyway.

For either colour, there are then three different options. The cheapest red label options, of which there will be be fifty copies in each colour available, includes a copy of the omnibus, with a page signed by the artist J.K. Woodward, and writers, Scott and David Tipton, all neatly presented in a slipcase. A further fifty copies in each colour get the black label treatment, which has the same signed book, but presented in a tray-case which also holds a portfolio containing a black and white piece of original J.K. Woodward artwork. And finally with just fifteen copies in each colour, the blue label has the tray-case too, but with a colour artwork from Woodward.


You can see many more examples of the original Woodward artwork from these releases in my previous reports, here, here, and here!

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