Wednesday 23 April 2014

Cushions, bottle openers, and more of the latest Star Trek stuff

Feeling a lack of Star Trek in some corner of your life? Here are the latest Star Trek bits and pieces to plug those gaps:

ThinkGeek's latest TOS uniform product sees the Starfleet uniform design applied to cushions. You'll need to make sure you only place these on furniture made from the latest flame retardant materials, as the red one will attract phaser fire, lightning, and the like.

Another staple of recent Star Trek tie-in stuff is things shaped like the USS Enterprise. A few years ago the USS Enterprise bottle opener was released with a silvery finish, and now it's back in three new versions. You can now get the Enterprise in either white, black, or gold, each of which comes in a box to match the colour. I think the white one looks especially effective for the Enterprise:

Continue after the jump for lots more stuff, including puzzles, screen wipes, and busts:

Ata-Boy, who have previously brought us Star Trek badges and mouse mats have added a big new range of screen-wipes. They are offering lots of TOS and TNG designs, including ships, characters, emblems and quotes. Each wipe can be adhered to the back of your tablet or phone, where it gives a bit of Star Trek decoration, and then peeled off when needed to clean the screen. Here are a couple of the ship designs:

Aquarius have also recently expanded their Star Trek range, with another jigsaw puzzle, this time featuring the USS Enterprise, as well as magnetic logos, and a several (pretty generic) posters. Here are the puzzle and magnets:

Another growing range comes from Diamond Select Toys, who last year released a Spock bust bank. On the way this year is a second bank, Captain Kirk. DST have revealed artwork for this in their latest catalogue:

Finally, if you want a higher end bust, there's some bad news. Titan Mechanise have previously announced a large range of Star Trek busts in their Masterpiece Collection, with numerous TOS and TNG characters planned. So far only Kirk and Picard have been released, and it seems most of the rest, which have been repeatedly delayed, will not make it. Responding to a question on Facebook, Titan have confirmed Spock, Worf, and Khan, are still on the way, but that will be all because:
The other designs which were announced are sadly now not currently scheduled due to the global orders being too low.
The three remaining bust are still suffering continued delays, with the latest estimates from Entertainment Earth and Forbidden Planet suggesting an August or September release.

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