Monday 11 March 2013

Someone's been firing a shrink-ray...

...because suddenly there are a bunch of miniaturised Star Trek things on the way:

On the way next month is the first Star Trek mini kit book from Running Press, the little light-up phaser model comes with an equally little book, and now Amazon have posted an image of all the bits in the (also little) box:

A similar USS Enterprise mini kit model and book is due out in September. Meanwhile another little phaser is coming, in the form of a key-chain torch from Underground Toy's new Star Trek range. I previewed the phaser last month, when it was initially due out, but it now seems to have been pushed back to July, and joined by another Star Trek torch, this one in the form of a little Borg Cube:

The Borg Cube isn't alone in it's small form either! Already available is the Borg Cube "monitor mate" from Bif Bang Pow:

Also in the ranks of little ships is Hot Wheel's new toy-car sized edition to their Star Trek model ships range, the nuTrek USS Enterprise, this has already gone on the market in Malaysia - I reported on it recently, showing the packaging, now Mattel have released new images of the little ship out of the blister pack. Here's one (see more on Hot Wheels Collectors):

And finally, has announced more tiny ships are coming in the form of Wizkids games latest addition to their Star Trek Heroclix range, Attack Wing. This new game is built around not just the Wizkids Heroclix system, but the FlightPath maneuver system as well, as licensed from Fantasy Flight Games. The new game will see players move around maps, and engage in battles, with their pre-painted little ship models from various factions. Using the different base system they will also be able to assign familiar crew members form Star Trek to their ship.

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Unknown said...

I'm contemplating getting that mini light-up phaser, and I'm DEFINITELY getting that small Hot Wheels well as several of the larger one's they're releasing. Most especially the Kelvin. Anyways, the mini light-up Enterprise kit might be worth getting too. I'm not at all familiar with the Heroclix stuff, but that D looks pretty sweet. Might be worth looking into if I need another small version of the

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