Monday 4 March 2013

Latest Star Trek Tees

There seem to be a never-ending supply of Star Trek T-shirts being produced by various licensees. Most of them are less than original prints of stock photos and emblems; but sometimes something more interesting gets printed on a shirt. This is a round-up of the latest of the latter category:

Junk Food have come up with a computer-game inspired shirt design featuring all the captains:

Hot Topic's latest Trek design appropriates the Haynes Manual USS Enterprise cutaway diagram to produce this new annotated T-shirt:

Trevco have gone a bit nineties with their bright "It's Just a Phase", and "Set Phasers to Stunning" shirts:

Trevco's "I love a Man in Uniform" is also full of hearts:

Plus there's always room for another red-shirt gag:

Trevco have also come up with these contrasty graphic designs, featuring "Good vs Evil", and a Balance of Terror design:

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