Thursday 7 March 2013

Earlier release dates, music, and HUGE spoilers for Star Trek Into Darkness

A screening of footage from Star Trek Into Darkness in Brazil has revealed some major new details about the film (such as who Peter Weller is playing). You'll find that at the bottom of this article, so if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read beyond the music section below. But first:

The release date for Star Trek Into Darkness has been brought forward in many parts of the world. Last week the German Star Trek Into Darkness Facebook page reported the release in Germany had been moved from the 16th to the 9th of May, and now the Star Trek Into Darkness international releases page has been updated with many more countries. If you're lucky enough to live in the following countries you'll be some of the first in the world to be able to see Into Darkness, from May 9th: UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Many other countries all over the world have also had their dates brought forward, with some releases coming as much as three months earlier than originally indicated! Here's the current listing:

In other Into Darkness news, Michael Giacchino's music for the film was recorded over the past couple of days, and he has tweeted lots of images and videos (no snippets of the music alas). Here are Giacchino and J.J. Abrams at the recording. You can see more on Giacchino's website:

If you're lucky enough to be in Switzerland between the 12th and 14th of April you should also check out the Star Trek Live to Projection event, which will have an orchestra and chorus performing Giacchino's first Star Trek score live to scenes from the film.

Now about those spoilers (continues after the jump):

Trek Brasilis has reported of a recent media event in Sao Paulo where some thirty-eight minutes of footage from Into Darkness were screened. The screening included the footage from the previous nine minute IMAX preview, as well as new footage continuing the sequence and sections from later in the film. The sequences shown were all from parts of the movie already seen in the trailers, but many new details have been revealed about those sections of the film.

Apparently there have been some changes made to the footage from the IMAX preview, and what was shown was still not the final edits/effects/music. Trek Brasilis has a detailed description of what was shown (if you don't read Portuguese, Google Translate is your friend).  Here are the key points:
  • In this screening at least the two opening sequences had been switched, with the volcano adventure before the introduction of John Harrison in the hospital sequence. With the opening titles between these two sections.
  • No surprises, after the volcano scenes from the IMAX preview Kirk does indeed break the prime directive by revealing the Enterprise to the primitive natives to save Spock. They start doing drawings of the Enterprise as a result.
  • Back on Earth Kirk ends up in bed with TWO "cat-women" (Caitians?)
  • Kirk is summoned to see Pike, to explain why his reports of the volcano incident (in which he lied) clashes with Spock's (who logically told the truth), and is subsequently demoted back down to the Academy.
  • The father character is seemingly made to go on a suicide mission (the bombing from the trailer), after Harrison saves his daughter's life. The Starfleet Academy ring is a bomb!
  • Kirk is then returned to the Enterprise as first officer under Pike, after someone persuades an Admiral Marcus (Peter Weller's mystery character); presumably the same Alex Marcus referred to in the latest issue of Countdown to Darkness, and also presumably the father of Carol Marcus. Spock meanwhile is assigned to another ship.
  • A summit is called after the attack, with Marcus, Pike, Kirk, Spock and other captains all there. Then Harrison attacks (the small ship attacking the building in the trailers), and Pike is injured, maybe even killed!
  • Also shown was part of the sequence where the Enterprise is plummeting to Earth. Acting Captain Spock orders an evacuation, but our gallant crew stay to try and stop the Enterprise endangering lives on Earth. Meanwhile Kirk and Scotty try and stabilise the ship while engineers fall to their doom around them.
  • And finally some of the Spock/Harrison city chase sequence was shown. Spock beams in to chase Harrison; they then go through several buildings and eventually end up fighting on top of ships flying around the city.


Unknown said...

Interesting bits about the movie. While the info is definitely filled with spoilers, knowing this won't ruin the movie at all for me. For me, reading this stuff, and experiencing it in the movie itself, are two absolutely separate things. Enough so that I can confidently say that knowing all of this won't affect my enjoyment of the movie.

I'm absolutely PSYCHED for this movie.

BurntSynapse said...

I'm psyched - I guess.

I can do another one hundred and something entries blogging more "Star Trek by the Minute", featuring a likely continuation of racism, mysogyny, disdain for the Star Trek franchise and original ideals, militarism, irrationality and ignorance...accompanied with great music, awesome SFX, good acting, hideously bad dialog, fantastic sets, and plot elements ranging from saccharinely inspirational to the insultingly ludicrous and nonsensical.


8of5 said...

I feel sure that if the film makers have chosen to screen these scenes, it wont hurt the story they are trying to tell by knowing about it - ie I think they picked stuff that is interesting but not Too spoilery.

And John, you sound quite conflicted! I'm afraid I can't share your conclusion of "meh" though.

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