Saturday 23 March 2013

Into Darkness cast photo, plus London goes Into Darkness for Earth Hour

The next issue of Empire magazine is all about Star Trek Into Darkness, and the other creations of J.J. Abrams. To mark the occasion the magazine has an awesome fold-out cover (previewed online), featuring the Enterprise crew, and giving us the first look at some of the new promo portraits that I'm sure we'll become very familiar soon:

In other Into Darkness news, Paramount have made a cunning tie-into to the WWF's Earth Hour; after London went Into Darkness for an hour to mark the climate change awareness event, Paramount sent up a fleet of quadropcopters with lights on, to fly in formation as a giant version of a Starfleet delta. Check out one of the images Paramount posted on twitter:

UPDATE: Paramount have posted a behind the scenes video showing how they did it. Pretty cool:

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