Tuesday 26 March 2013

No excuses for being out of uniform

If you want, it is now just about possible to live your life wearing clothes entirely in TOS uniform colours. Of course for the most committed trekkies, you can just wear a Starfleet uniform, with options ranging from Rubies' budget fancy dress costumes, to Anovos' high end costume replicas. But if you're not quite ready to enlist there are options from head to to toe, and for all ages, genders, and activities, to infuse your life with Starfleet gold, blue, and if you're feeling brave, red.

There don't seem to be any TOS uniform hats just yet, so the highest point we can start is the neck, with Anovos' series of TOS ties, made from the same fabric they make their TOS replica uniforms from. They come complete with a tiny Starfleet insignia:

From the neck down there are lots of Starfleet style options to cover your torso. Of course there's the classic T-shirt:

If you prefer a collar, We Love Fine have just announced new TOS uniform polo shirts:

For the ladies there's also the option of a tunic tank in either colour:

Feeling a bit more casual? How about a TOS uniform style bath robe?

Or perhaps you're ready for bed? Well Jumpin Jammerz have got you sorted there, with their TOS onesie pajamas:

If you really feel like dressing down you could just hang out in your Starfleet issue underpants from ThinkGeek:

Or maybe just hang out in your socks:

If even socks are too much for you, then how about laying out on your Starfleet towel?:

It's not just for grown up, you can prepare from your career in Starfleet from birth, with uniforms for babies:

And uniforms for toddlers:

A Starfleet officer has to be fit, and ready for any activity, so you'll be relieved to know there's uniform for when you're on Starbase cycling-patrol duty, with cycle jerseys for men and women:

You really will be ready for exotic landing party missions with these dry suits from Roddenbery.com:

For the slightly less extreme options, you can keep uniform at hand with an iphone case:

Or wear your affiliation on your sleeve with the new watches coming soon from Underground toys:

And that's just about all your options, for now. At least all those that give options in all three colours. I think hats are the biggest gap, or maybe female undies to match the boxers? What do you feel a desperate need to be TOSified?

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