Thursday 21 March 2013

More DST updates

Just a few days ago I brought you news of the new Entertainment Earth exclusive mirror universe version of the Minimates USS Enterprise. Now DST have officially announced that, and released a bunch of new images to mark the occasion. So have a better look at this curious new version of the Enterprise and its brutal commander:

DST have also recently posted their latest Q and A relating to Star Trek, giving us a few hints at the future of their model starship line: Answers included suggestions that the performance of the Klingon Bird-of-Prey will determine if there will be any more alien ships (come ooon Romulan Warbird), and noting a second Klingon ship isn't currently on their to-do list. They also mentioned they have a short list of three ships after they do the USS Excelsior, and that list includes the USS Defiant, but not the USS Enterprise-C.

Check out the full Q and A, for all the answers to readers' questions regarding ships, props, and the retro cloth line. Today DST also posted their latest ship dates, and as ever things have moved around, plus, some new items coming later in the year now have dates:


Dayton Ward said...

I don't know about the Mirror Enterprise, but I definitely want the "regular" MiniMates version :D

8of5 said...

I prefer the mirror version pretty much entirely for the old school nacelle spires :D But would like it more with Pike instead of mirror markings.

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