Wednesday 9 November 2011

STO goes free-to-play in January

An IGN article has announced the launch date of Star Trek Online's move to free-to-play, and that date is the 17th of January 2012. The article talks about the new in-game and real world economy that will accompany this move, and shows of the revamped intro movie:


Jens said...

Or as someone has pointed out on TrekBBS on 17.01. At least they have humour.

I played the Beta and wasn't convinced enough to pay a monthly fee for it, but I will definitely give it another try when it's F2P.

8of5 said...

Ha, nice!

I played the demo and didn't find it that fun (my gaming is pretty much limited to Lego games, so I'm accustomed to more fun and less interface...) but I might give it another go when it goes free, just to see if there's anything interesting to see in there.

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