Sunday 20 November 2011

Latest Star Trek sculptures

A couple of new Star Trek statues coming in the first half of next year: From Hollywood Collectables, continuing their range of 1/6 scale statues, (Kirk is out now, and the Gorn next month) comes Spock, at his console on the bridge of the Enterprise. HC will be offering two versions of this, out in March. The standard version comes in an edition of 600:

The second version, available only directly from HC will include an extra part of the console, so Spock has one of those higher up screens to consult as well. There will be just 150 of these:

In May Titan Collectables will be releasing the fourth in their Star Trek Masterpiece Collection (Kirk and Picard are out next month, with Data following in February). This time they've moved to the TOS movie era with a Khan bust:

Sources: Toy News International and Hollywood Collectables.

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