Tuesday 8 November 2011

HD TNG, SD for 13 seconds...

TVShowsonDVD.com have reported on an update issued by CBS on Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Next Level, the TNG HD sampler bluray. While CBS have been restoring the episodes from the original negatives, it turns out there is at least one gap in the archive, meaning for thirteen seconds this release will be using upconverted SD footage:
"Sins of the Father" - 13 seconds of the original film elements for this episode have not been located and thus have been upconverted from Standard Definition videotape.
Let's hope it doesn't stand out too badly.

Amazon.de seems to remain the only place you can pre-order the set for now. While Amazon.com have (rather optimistically) added listings not just for TNG and Enterprise on bluray (which have been up for a while) but now for DS9, Voyager, and TAS too.

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