Thursday 3 November 2011

Star Trek Magazine going quarterly

The Star Trek Magazine, which was once known as Star Trek Monthly, and is currently coming out every six weeks is now moving to become a quarterly publication. The editor, Paul Simpson, announced this on the TrekBBS, where he also noted that the issue after next will be his last - Which moved me more than the reduction of issues, as he's been doing some great things in his time on the magazine; including several excellent issues celebrating the ships and design of Star Trek; and regular features on Star Trek prose (often with very nicely illustrated excerpts). I hope such features continue under the next editor.

Also mentioned were details of those next two issues: UK #165/US #38 will be celebrating Enterprise's 10th anniversary, with an interview with Scott Bakula, and an extract from To Brave the Storm. While UK #166/US #39 will be focused on espionage in the Trekverse, including an interview with Andy Robinson.

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