Wednesday 2 November 2011

Simon and Schuster updates

Simon and Schuster has updated its website with listings for new novels in 2012. Listed for June 26th release (making it the July book) is a new TNG novel: The Founder's Tears, by David R. George III. This is almost certainly the second book in George's 24th century duology, which we've previously been told may be called Raise the Dawn. The first book in the duology, Plagues of Night, is currently widely listed as At The Prophet's Door; but George has noted that the latter title was a place holder and the former is his current working title. One suspects the same might be true of this new title, and similarly George has commented that the books aren't necessarily strictly TNG.

The following month now lists the next Titan novel, Fallen Gods, by Michael A. Martin. Followed the next month by the next Voyager novel, Kirsten Beyer's The Eternal Tide, confirmed as the September book.

Which with David Mack's TNG trilogy at the end of the year potentially means we now have the full mass market paperback schedule for 2012 - Although it's possible said trilogy might not start until November or December; leaving potential gaps for other books. So the mass market paperback schedule for 2012 is currently as follows:
You can see a listing for all the 2012 releases on my schedule page, which also includes Simon and Schuster's other imprints, IDW comics, games, and blurays.

One of those imprints is Gallery Books, who are publishing an omnibus of the Destiny trilogy in March. For a while now they've been using the cover of Mere Mortals for listings of this, and now that cover has been amended to remove the Mere Mortals title. Does this mean no new cover art? They could have at least reused Cross Cult's far more exciting cover!

Another of said imprints, Simon Spotlight, has also relisted the next Starfleet Academy book, Alan Gratz's The Assassination Game, which had disappeared from Simon and Schuster's websites for a while. It's back at its last known release date, in June.

Thanks to UnrealitySF's Jens Defner, who pointed out some of the schedule updates on the TrekBBS.

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