Saturday 26 November 2011

Rise Like Lions excerpt

Next month's novel, the finale of the Memory Omega plot in the Mirror Universe series, David Mack's Rise Like Lions, is starting to appear in stores now. To tempt you to buy a copy, Simon and Schuster have put one of their huge extracts online.

Here's the text from the teaser page at the front of the book, which I think sets the tone for how awesome this book should be:
K’Ehleyr emerged from the mist behind Picard
   “I thought you didn’t care about the rebellion. Because it sure sounds like you do.”
   He looked back at her to find himself the object of three different stares. K’Ehleyr was amused; Barclay looked hopeful; Troi wore a mask of desperation. Picard looked back at Saavik. “I’ll ask for the last time: Why am I here?”
   Saavik was composed, calm, and dignified. She spoke without emotion or hauteur, but with simple, direct honesty. “We have watched you for a long time, Mister Picard. I believe that because of your history and inherent good nature, you are the sort of person who can help us reach out to the Terran Rebellion, by carrying our offer of support and leadership to them. We need someone from outside our sheltered society, someone with a reputation beyond reproach who is known to the rebels, to act as our ambassador. I wish you to be that ambassador.”
   “And you are correct in your assertions about Spock’s timetable. His projected timeline of events was off because he did not account for further interference in our affairs by person from the alternate universe. Thanks to events that have transpired on and around Bajor, the future has taken shape far sooner than Spock expected. Consequently, we – and you – must act now, before this pivotal moment in history slips away from us.”
   Shocked and intrigued, Picard asked, “What pivotal moment?”
   Saavik placed her hand upon Picard’s shoulder.
   “The one at which a rebellion becomes a revolution.”
If that's not sealed the deal for you, make your way to Simon and Schuster's website to read all the way to the start of chapter nine!

Thanks to TrekBBS user JD, for pointing it out.

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