Monday 5 July 2021

More images of the huge Playmobil USS Enterprise playset

A couple of weeks ago we got our first look at the huge Playmobil USS Enterprise playset(ad) coming later this year. Now a few more images have been released, along with higher quality versions of the first batch of images, so continue below for a closer look.

The meter-long model of the ship includes built in bridge and engineering playsets ready to house the Playmobil figures of all the main TOS characters included, plus app-controlled light and sound features. It also comes with a display stand, or alternatively a hanging kit to allow it to be suspended. One of the new images gives us a much clearer look at this feature, which given the size of model, looks impressively minimalistic!

There are higher quality versions of the previously released parts and cutaway images, showing off the cast of characters, and all the accessories that come with them:

Most of the new images show off the packaging better, which appears to have a front lift-flap to show off the playsets various features. Spock adorns the front of the box, while Kirk appears to be hidden on the inner front panel.

They've also released the main box image of the Enterprise in isolation if you want to check it out uncluttered:

Amusingly there's also a really close look at the USB port hidden on the ship! This lets you charge the batteries for the light and sound features, which can be controlled via a mobile app.

The other images of the interior playsets were all released in the first batch of images, but we can now get a slightly higher res look at all the details.

The Playmobil USS Enterprise playset(ad) is expected to arrive in September. At $500 it's clearly aimed at the adult collector market rather than truly being a children's toy. What isn't yet clear is whether this is a one-off collectable, or an especially showy start to a more extensive (and accessibly priced) Star Trek range from Playmobil - Surely one hopes for the latter, because following up with a Shuttlecraft, Guardian of Forever, various aliens, etc, would be pretty cool! Plus Star Trek is pretty thin on the ground when it comes to childrens toys, and trekkie parents have important work to do indoctrinating the next generation in all things Trek!

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Marko N. said...

It's an exciting product but I can't believe there's a market for a $500 toy ship. I mean, did anyone ever get those Anovos artisan models for $8000-$19000 made?

Sabreman64 said...

$500? Ouch. For a price in the UK, we're probably looking at about £500 after you add VAT and shipping.

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