Friday 23 July 2021

Forbidden Planet expand their pin collection with ships, combadges, and more

UK based Forbidden Planet have expanded their offerings of pins under their Forbidden Planet Originals collection, with new designs based on ships, combadges and insignia, and other iconography from across Trek; even some rare TAS merchandise! Continue below to check out what they've come up with.

The newest announced pins include a series of starship designs, presented as top-down monotone plans of each of the featured hero ships. These enamel pins so far include La Sirena from Picard(ad), the USS Enterprise-D from TNG(ad), the USS Enterprise from TOS(ad), USS Voyager from Voyager(ad), and USS Defiant from DS9(ad). Each is about 3cm tall, and expected to ship in October.

Forbidden Planet have also created a range of full sized combadge and insignia replicas, with pin backs. Unfortunately so far they've only released illustrations and mock-ups, so it's hard to gauge the quality of the reproduction. Coming in October is the Picard era Starfleet combadge(ad), and already available is the Discovery 32nd century tricombadge(ad), 23rd century Discovery Starfleet command(ad) and Section 31 insignia badges(ad), and TNG(ad) and Voyager combadges(ad).

Also due in October is an Enterprise NX-01 mission patch pin(ad), and a Quark's Bar logo pin(ad).

Finally, in a different format, classic button badges, there's a set of TAS character badges(ad). These are also set for October release.

For more Star Trek pin news (its one of the most abundant forms of merchandise in recent years!), see my pins tag.

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