Saturday 3 July 2021

Star Trek novel news: First Coda cover, and audiobook updates

Exciting times Star Trek novel readers, the first cover for this year's mega-crossover event, the Coda trilogy, has been released. Continue below to check it out, and for some other Star Trek novel updates.

The Coda trilogy(ad) will feature the crews under Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, Ezri Dax, and William Riker dealing with a "Temporal Apocalypse" in the Star Trek books continuity readers will know well from the last couple of decades of Star Trek novels, which Picard has now rendered an alternate timeline (or maybe after this apocalypse, more linked in some way?). Dayton Ward's Moments Asunder(ad) kicks off the series, and as we can now see, the cover features the USS Enterprise-E swooping into action. 

I wonder whether this will be a triptych-type cover, with the background continuing onto the other books in the series? With any luck that means some beauty shots of the USS Titan, USS Aventine, and maybe the USS Robinson for the rest of the trilogy - Which continues with James Swallow's The Ashes of Tomorrow(ad) and David Mack's Oblivion's Gate(ad).

Here's a reminder of the blurb for Moments Asunder, which will start the trilogy in September:
The crews of Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, Ezri Dax, and William Riker unite to prevent a cosmic-level apocalypse—only to find that some fates really are inevitable.


The epic Star Trek: Coda trilogy begins when the unexpected arrival of an old friend triggers a desperate mission to avert a fast-spreading temporal disaster.

In other Star Trek novel cover updates, the audiobook version of the cover for Revenant(ad), the forthcoming DS9 novel by new-to-Trek author Alex White, has now been revealed. While some audiobook covers feature extended artwork, in this case we've got a cropped version of the recently revealed print cover. There's no narrator credit listed yet either, so this will be updated before release still.

And here's a reminder of the blurb for Revenant too, due out in December:
An all-new novel based on the landmark TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from the acclaimed author of A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe!

Jadzia Dax has been a friend to Etom Prit, the Trill Trade Commissioner, over two lifetimes. When Etom visits Deep Space Nine with the request to rein in his wayward granddaughter Nemi, Dax can hardly say no. It seems like an easy assignment: visit a resort casino while on shore leave, and then bring her old friend Nemi home. But upon arrival, Dax finds Nemi has changed over the years in terrifying ways…and the pursuit of the truth will plunge Dax headlong into a century’s worth of secrets and lies!

Finally, Simon and Schuster Audio have also released a fun behind-the-scenes video/excerpt from the newest novel release, Christopher L. Bennett's TOS movie era Living Memory(ad), seen here read by narrator Robert Petkoff.

An all-new Star Trek movie-era adventure!

While attempting to settle in as commandant of Starfleet Academy, Admiral James T. Kirk must suddenly contend with the controversial, turbulent integration of an alien warrior caste into the student body—and quickly becomes embroiled in conflict when the Academy controversy escalates to murder. Meanwhile, Captain Spock of the USS Enterprise and Commander Pavel Chekov of the USS Reliant are investigating a series of powerful cosmic storms seemingly targeting Federation worlds—unstoppable outbursts emitting from the very fabric of space. Endeavoring to predict where the lethal storms will strike next, Spock and Chekov make the shocking discovery that the answer lies in Commander Nyota Uhura’s past—one that she no longer remembers….

Support The Trek Collective, via order links for mentioned books:
Coda, Book 1: Moments Asunder, by Dayton Ward.
Coda, Book 2: The Ashes of Tomorrow, by James Swallow.
Coda, Book 3: Oblivion's Gate, by David Mack.
DS9: Revenant, by Alex White.
TOS: Living Memory, by Christopher L. Bennett.

To keep track of all the latest releases, have a look back through my prose and/or books tags, or hit the books button on my 2021 schedule page. You can also find series reading lists and author bibliographies on my dedicated Star Trek lists site.

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