Monday 19 July 2021

Bradford Exchange's Transporter Figurine Collection

Bradford Exchange have revealed their latest Star Trek sculpture collection, and have come up with quite a creative format. The "To Boldly Go" Transporter Figurine Collection(ad) will offer up all the main TOS crew on a transporter pad. Each figurine is partially molded in transparent glittery resin, standing on a clear transporter pad base, so when combined with the transporter room display base, which lights up, you get a nice transporter effect. This is brought to life further with sound effects from the transporter base. Continue below to check out the series.

The series is offered on a subscription basis, with nine releases so far announced:
  • Issue 1: Captain Kirk
  • Issue 2: Commander Spock
  • Issue 3: Transporter Display
  • Issue 4: Dr. McCoy
  • Issue 5: Lieutenant Sulu
  • Issue 6: Lieutenant Uhura
  • Issue 7: Ensign Chekov
  • Issue 8: Chief Engineer Scott
  • Issue 9: Transporter Console
Bradford also suggest there will be "additional Star Trek figurines as they become available", which I imagine means aliens, or more supporting crew members, if subscriber numbers hold up come the end of the main run.

They've released mock-ups off all the figurines:

And here's the console, which also has light features:

If you want to subscribe, you can find more details via Bradford Exchange(ad). To check out some of Bradford Exchange's other eclectic Star Trek collectable releases over the years, have a look back through my Bradford Exchange tag.

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