Thursday 15 July 2021

Original TOS phaser and other Trek treasures up for auction

This week Heritage Auctions are running their Entertainment & Music Memorabilia Signature Auction, which includes a number of original production props and artwork from various Star Trek sources. I've previously reported on the huge selection of beautiful Star Trek matte paintings in the auction, so today will have a look at some of the other items, which include some interesting bits from TOS and TNG.

Perhaps the highlight of the entire auction is an extremely rare TOS phaser hero prop. Heritage Auctions have provided a great set of photos of what will surely be of great interest to prop enthusiasts - You'll need deep pockets if you fancy getting it yourself, as this single phaser starts bidding at an astonishing $100,000!

There's a bit of history to this item, as the type-1 hand phaser and the type-2 pistol were not always found together through there historical ownership, as Heritage explain:
The provenance of this piece is as incredible as the Phaser, itself. The Type-2 pistol body was acquired directly from Star Trek prop designer and builder Wah Ming Chang in the late 1960s (Chang designed and built the Starfleet Communicators and Tricorders for the original series).

The accompanying LOA states the studio had sent the Phaser pistol body to Chang for repair and the show was
cancelled before he was able to return it. The Type-1 Hand Phaser was acquired by a member of the production crew after filming completed on a second season episode in 1967 (a second LOA accompanies the Type-1).

Eventually, the respective owners of the Type-1 and Type-2 Phasers learned about their counterpart, and in a detailed study the two hero components were reassembled and scrutinized in a side-by-side comparison with the only other known Hero Type-2 Phaser Pistol belonging to the highest-profile collector and top authority of original series props and costumes. The collector extensively examined the internal and external components and determined, based upon the comparison, that this Type-2 Phaser Pistol is authentic. In fact, the build tolerances between both pistols are such that the Type-1 Phasers are interchangeable and fit perfectly in both pistol bodies!

Also from TOS, there's a snazzy environmental suit helmet, which looks remarkably well kept, retaining all the detail of the distinctive metallic circle pattern, and dazzling orange colour!

A little less glamorous looking, but a still special, there's also a pair of Leonard Nimoy worn Spock ears!

Or if Vulcans aren't your thing, how about a Klingon mask from The Undiscovered Country?

The TNG movie era supplies one of the coolest lots in the auction, a huge collection 175-odd costume sketches from Generations, by Robert Blackman, including some 45 finished in colour. Alas Heritage haven't imaged the entire collection, but have put up images of quite a few. Those include several sketches trying out different looks for a revised uniform design.

Also from TNG, you can get your very own transporter console!

And finally back to a phaser, with a hero prop from Into Darkness:

If you'd like to get hold of any of the above, or any of those amazing matte paintings I posted about before, check out Heritage Auctions listings.

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