Friday 2 July 2021

Hallmark reveals Klingon Bird of Prey to join this year's Star Trek Keepsake decorations

Hallmark have revealed a new addition to their range of Star Trek Keepsake Christmas decorations this year, in the form of a convention exclusive ornament. With the Klingon Bird of Prey joining the line-up, this makes 2021 a two-starship year for Hallmark, who have already announced La Sirena from Picard, alongside TOS figures that make up the rest of this years range. Continue below to check out the latest preview images of them all. 

The HMS Bounty will be a hefty die-cast metal model, with the premium material taking the place of any light or sound features often found on Hallmark ships - If you want a light-up Klingon Bird of Prey, you'll have to hunt for one of Hallmark's previous iterations of the ship(ad), released back in 1994!

This is one of several Convention exclusive ornaments Hallmark are offering this year (offered alongside designs from Star Wars, Spiderman, Super Mario, and Ghostbusters), although with most big events remaining cancelled or digital only, that means they're available online, while still being affiliated with the conventions: Offered on the first day of Comic-Con@Home on the 23rd of July, and New York Comic Con on the 7th of October. A few will also be offered via the Keepsake Ornament Club. The ship will be a limited edition of 3,750.

The main range meanwhile also starts to arrive this month. From Picard we have a model of La Sirena, with sound features, which you can find a preview video of on Hallmark's website.

The rest of the assortment is all a continuation the TOS: Mirror, Mirror range of Storyteller ornaments which began last year. These all include light and sound features, and if you have more than one, will interact with each other to tell the story from the episode. This year brings mirror-Spock and mirror-Chekov to the range - Again you can see videos of them in action on the Hallmark website (click in the links in previous sentence).

Also available will be the Kirk, Uhura, and Sulu figurines, and the USS Enterprise tree topper, all originally released last year, re-issued this year to allow you to get the complete collection. Further characters will be coming next year too. 

Additionally you can pick up a replacement/extra remote control for the USS Enterprise tree topper, which is itself a Starfleet delta that can be hung on the tree as a decoration in its own right.

For a look back through Hallmark's previous Star Trek Keepsake decorations, see my Trek Collective list, or browse back through my Hallmark tag to see previous reports on all their Star Trek products.

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JRT! said...

It's an even exclusive,not a convention exclusive. The second it became available online to anyone,it lost it's right to be called a con exclusive. It's one of the reasons they changed the name to event exclusive. It is pretty cool though,and I might try and get one.

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