Tuesday 20 April 2021

New back-cover previews for the 2022 Star Trek calendars

Star Trek calendar publisher Universe Publishing has release the back cover images for their 2022 range. Next year there will be six different Star Trek calendars to choose from, and now we can get a little look inside each of them care of the back cover previews. Continue below to check them out:

The long-running Ships of the Line(ad) series is the only calendar which gets new artwork each year, lovely wide-format starship art - Essentially a starship art magazine with a small calendar overlay.

This year marks the first Star Trek Online art to feature in the series, alongside lots of TOS and TNG ships, and a little love for DS9 too. Several images feature new starship designs, and there's a new cutaway diagram too. Check out the thumbnails on the back cover:

Here's the listing of the 2022 images, with descriptions as best I an make them out, and links to artists' websites/portfolios/social media:
  • Front cover: Fine Tuning, by Marty Miller - Featuring the USS Enterprise firing on an asteroid, which seems to be a homage to the TOS art by John Knoll and Mikido Uesugi, used on the cover of The Art of Star Trek(ad) book. 
  • January: Striking Our For the Deep, by Alain Rivard - Featuring the USS Enterprise-A departing what I think is an original starbase design in orbit of Earth.
  • February, by Bill Krause - An assortment of TOS movie era ships. Krause normally used physical models for his images; I think here are two of his Shangri-La Tactical Cruisers.
  • March, by DM Phoenix - A rather exotic four nacelled 24th century looking Starfleet ship, in dock and/or under construction.
  • April, by Dan Uyeno - A peak inside the shuttlebay of an Ambassador class ship.
  • May, by Doug Drexler and Ali Ries - A Galaxy class (probably the USS Robinson) and Excelsior class at the Starfleet replacement for Deep Space 9 from the Star Trek litverse novels - Specifically this is an alternate framing of the cover art for The Fall: Revelation and Dust(ad).
  • June, by Michael Wiley - Another original 24th century looking Starfleet ship, and shuttlecraft, which appear to be exploring a crystal cave!
  • Centerfold, by Matthew Cushman - The latest in what has become a regular feature in recent years, an cool new cutaway diagram, this time of the classic TOS type F shuttlecraft Galileo II.
  • July, by John Eaves - A favourite subject of Eaves revisited (as seen in a couple of previous calendar images), the TOS USS Enterprise in formation with fighter jets.
  • August, by  Matt Boardman - A meeting of a refit Constitution and Excelsior class, one assumes the Enterprise-A and the Excelsior.
  • September: Scylla and Charybdis, by Thomas Marrone - Featuring STO's USS Enterprise-F at Deep Space 9, the piece is based on a STO mission about a battle with the Hur'q.
  • October, by Geoffrey Mandel - A refit Constitution class and Klingon D7 class at the Starfleet Air and Space Museum, with several other ships in silhouette. Mandel's work is normally more graphic design, so I assume this is a poster for the museum rather than a picture of the actual place.
  • November, by Tim Earls - A TNG type 7 shuttlecraft, a funky little yellow shuttlecraft and other smallcraft on or around a rooftop.
  • December, by Tobias Richter - What appears to be the upside-down concept version of the Reliant class approaching an asteroid base with another ship tucked inside.
Tim Earls has previewed his image already, and Universe previously released a couple of preview pages for a closer look at other images too:

Making a return for the first time in many years, 2022 will bring us a Star Trek: The Next Generation calendar(ad)! The image selection seems to be going for a vintage vibe, with most coming from earlier seasons, and some fun quirky image choices like Sherriff Worf, and Wesley delighted at his repulsor beam! They're all framed in LCARS too.

In contrast to TNG, TOS calendars have been coming every year since forever. As has been the case for some years now, the image selection is a pleasant mix of character focused shots, with a few quirkier moments thrown in for variety.

I guess the season three imagery and updated logo came to late to influence the 2022 Discovery calendar(ad), as it seems to all be season two based from the preview images - Unless an update is still to come?

I also wonder is the Picard 2022 calendar(ad)  is in its final form in these previews, as it has an almost identical cover to the 2021 version(ad). The back cover reveals a different approach though; while this year's edition features character promo shots, next year promises episodic imagery.

The combined TOS/TNG Cats of the USS Enterprise calendar(ad) is back next year, featuring more of Jenny Park's feline Treks.

Finally, there's the Star Trek 2022 daily calendar(ad), each daily page features a colour image, with offerings from across the franchise. The back cover gives a rare and welcome highlight to a TAS based page, among others.

According to the product descriptions, each of the monthly calendars (except for TNG for some reason) will also have an addition spread with September-December 2021, ready to bring them into use early; evidently the back cover images haven't previewed these extra spreads, so we might get some fun extra images. All seven designs are due for release in June or July this year.

Previous years have seen additional calendars released by local publishers in the UK and German markets, although none have been previewed for 2022 yet. 

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mark bernero said...

I really like Thomas Marone's image of the Enterprise-F. I hope Eaglemoss makes an XL model of it one day!

Dwight Williams said...

The "vineyard as graveyard" imagery from the early PIC publicity campaign still chills me to look at.

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