Sunday 4 April 2021

TNG characters join the Tubbz ducks in cosplay collection

Last year Numskull brought us one of the odder Star Trek collectables of recent times, their range of TOS character Tubbz ducks in cosplay(ad) - Which while modelled after a classic rubber duck alas are not designed to float properly like one. Now they're back with The Next Generation to add to your duck collection...

The TNG assortment includes Captain Picard(ad), Geordi La Forge(ad), Deanna Troi(ad), and Worf(ad) - If you ever wondered what a Klingon, or bearded, duck looks like, now you know! 

Like other characters in the Tubbz range (which spans many more franchises than just Star Trek), each duck comes in its own miniature bathtub, which with a bubble top forms the packaging too. Continue below to check them all out:

First up, here's a video showing off the entire range:

And here's a closer look at each character:

These new TNG ducks are expected to arrive in June, and you can currently pre-order them from Just Geek(ad)

To check out the previous TOS range, see my earlier report. And to see the other Star Trek stuff Numskull make, have a look back through my Numskull tag.

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