Sunday 4 April 2021

Latest starship model kit box art from Round 2 Models

Round 2 Models have released lots of new box art for forthcoming Star Trek model kits, with new or re-issued kits on the way from Voyager, TOS, and DS9. Continue below to check out the latest kits:

On the way in the next few months is a brand new new 1:1000 scale USS Voyager kit. Round 2 have now released box art for two versions of this kit, in either solid grey or clear plastics; the latter ready for extensive lighting. Both versions come with clear elements for the nacelle elements, deflector dish, and the big mess hall windows. They also come with landing gear parts, and of course the nacelles can be posed in impulse or warp angles. The built kit will be about 13.5 inches long.

Also coming soon is the 1:350 scale USS Enterprise prebuilt display model(ad). This is a new version of the big 1:350 model kit(ad), but with all the work to paint and build it already done, for those that don't want to actually make a model - Almost at least, as the newly revealed square box indicates, it will come in a five large sections ready to be slotted together, plus a display base. The finished model will be 32 inches long.

Here's what to expect; you can see more preview images of the model in a previous report.

The latest release is a reissue of the 1:1000 scale USS Excelsior model kit(ad), which should be arriving imminently. This kit comes with parts to build the original NX-2000 version of the Excelsior, or the slightly modified NCC-2000 version. Here's the new box art:

One other update, is that retailers including Big Bad Toy Store are starting to list another reissue, the 1:3300 scale Deep Space 9 model kit. They currently suggest this will arrive as soon as May.

For more from Round 2 Models, who release kits under both the Polar Lights and AMT brands, see my Round 2 Models tag. Or for model kits updates in general, check back through my model kits tag.

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