Sunday 18 April 2021

Star Trek music round-up: Discovery season 3 soundtrack, The Motion Picture complete score, and new Goldsmith music!

Whether you play music or just like to listen, it's a good time to be a Star Trek music fan right now, with the latest Discovery soundtrack release now upon us, plus a new sheet music from The Motion Picture. Continue below to check out the latest Star Trek music updates, including a never before heard Jerry Goldsmith track!

The latest release from Lakeshore Records is the Discovery season 3 soundtrack(ad), by Jeff Russo. This forty track album is available right now digitally, and will no doubt get a snazzy looking vinyl release later following the pattern of previous seasons. A CD release is looking less likely though.

This season includes quite a diverse selection of music, including the Grey and Adira's cello-heavy theme, the uplifting introduction to Federation HQ, and Andorian opera! Here's the full track list:
1. Burnham Crash Lands
2. Book’s Ship / Hello Grudge
3. Federation Is Gone
4. Sanctuary
5. Meeting Zareh
6. Georgiou and Zareh
7. It’s You, Saru
8. Grow Through Change
9. Starfleet Academy
10. Hugh’s Log
11. Entering The Pool
12. Adira Accepted
13. Gray and Adira’s Melody
14. Federation HQ
15. Barzan Family
16. Cryo Tombs / Attis Attacks
17. Leaving Nhan
18. Reunited With Book
19. The Escape
20. Osyraa Wants Ryn
21. Kyheem and Osyraa
22. Work Together
23. Duet for Cello and Piano
24. Terran Stories
25. The Charon
26. Fireflies
27. Killing Traitors
28. The Guardian
29. Georgiou Goodbye
30. Meeting Survivor
31. Andorian Opera
32. Michael’s Win
33. Michael To The Rescue
34. Sending Stamets to HQ
35. Dots Will Help
36. Deliver The Bomb
37. Resetting The Datacore
38. Book Jumps
39. Reuniting The Federation
40. Captain Burnham
Lakeshore have released the Andorian Opera track on Youtube:

And better yet, you can listen to the entire album via streamers, such as Spotify embedded right here!

Jess Russo also composed the music for Picard(ad), and showrunner Michael Chabon recently shared a look at what is presumably a bespoke bound edition of the season one score he now owns:

If you'd like to play along yourself, there's music available for all too, thanks to Omni Music Publishing, who have recently released the complete orchestral score for Jerry Goldsmith's Star Trek: The Motion Picture soundtrack

This whopping 473 page volume includes all the sheet music for the score, even including parts for the distinctive Blaster Beam which gives The Motion Picture's music such a unique sound. 

In the course of transcribing the music from archival copies, Omni also discovered four unused and unrecorded cues which are included here, alongside several other unused cues which were recorded (and included on La La Lands' complete soundtrack CD release(ad) a few years ago). 

Here's the contents and a few sample pages:
1. Ilia’s Theme
2. Main Title
3. The Klingons
4. Total Logic
5. Floating Office
6. The Enterprise
7. Malfunction
8. Goodbye Klingon
9. Goodbye Epsilon Nine
10. Pre Launch
11. Leaving Drydock
12. Television Theme
13. Warp Point Eight
14. No Goodbyes
15. Spock’s Arrival
16. Star Trek TV Theme
17. Warp Point Nine
18. Meet V-Ger
19. The Cloud
20. V-Ger Flyover
21. The Force Field 22. Micro Exam
23. Games
24. Spock Walk
25. System Inoperable
26. Hidden Information
27. Inner Workings
28. V-Ger Speaks
29. Body Meld
30. A Good Start
31. End Titles
32. Preludium
33. Total Logic (Early Version)
34. The Enterprise (Early Version)
35. Pre Launch (Early Version)
36. Leaving Drydock (Early Version)
37. No Goodbyes (Early Version)
38. Spock’s Arrival (Early Version)
39. Micro Exam (Early Version)
40. Games (Early Version)
41. Inner Workings (Early Version)
42. Body Meld (Early Version)

Finally, here's a real treat, spotted by TrekMovie, Lukas Kendall, who worked on the new score release and several previous Star Trek soundtrack projects has shared a synthesized mock-up of one of the newly discovered pieces of music. Here's his introduction and the track:
The post-production to ST:TMP was so rushed and chaotic that Goldsmith composed four pieces of music that were never recorded by the orchestra in 1979—but the orchestrations have been included in Omni's book. One of them, Goldsmith's first attempt at scoring the climactic "Body Meld," was rejected on the scoring stage by Bob Wise as being "too romantic," as it featured the film's love theme ("Ilia's Theme") rather than the more cosmic, powerful progressions of Goldsmith's final version. Now, composer Joe Kraemer (Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation, Jack Reacher) has created a synthesized "mock-up" of Goldsmith's original attempt so that fans can appreciate Goldsmith's intention.

To check back through previous Star Trek music news, see my music tag to find previous articles on Star Trek music releases on all formats, sheet music, and behind the scenes of music production, and live music events.

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