Wednesday, 14 April 2021

TNG ReAction Figures coming soon from Super7

Super7, makers of the retro-styled 3¾ inch scale ReAction Figures are returning to Star Trek with a new TNG collection. They have now revealed an assortment of six characters, which include Captain Picard, Worf, Data, Guinan, Wesley Crusher, and a Borg. These are described as wave one by Super7, so presumably more of the TNG crew will be following later. Continue below for a closer look at each of them:

Of this assortment I think Wesley Crusher is the most notable. His distinctive grey uniform with coloured stripes has not been offered as a regular action figure before - Galoob planned to make him (see previous report to check out a prototype), so maybe some collectors have been waiting more than three decades for this specific figure to finally turn up!

Playmates released several different Guinan figures(ad) in the 90s, but I think this is the first time this particular outfit has been turned into an action figure too:

This assortment is available directly from Super7, who expect them to ship by July. If you'd like to support The Trek Collective, they're also available via Entertainment Earth(ad) or Forbidden Planet(ad).

The TNG assortment joins the previous TOS range(ad) released by Super7 and Funko back in 2015. That collection was delivered in two waves of four, plus a couple of transporter-beaming variants. As is so often the case, poor old Chekov got left out!

If you like your 3¾ inch action figures Star Trek has a pretty decent assortment of characters available, Playmates' most recent visit to the Trekverse gave us a range of Kelvin timeline characters(ad) in their 2009 toy collection for The Future Begins. Earlier, Galoob released many of the TNG crew and several aliens(ad)Ertl produced a handful of The Search For Spock characters(ad), and Mego made much of the crew alongside some very exotic aliens from The Motion Picture(ad). If you really want to fill out your 3¾ inch collection, Bif Bang Pow also made action figures of characters from The Big Bang Theory in booth TOS and TNG cosplay(ad)!

To check out the previous Super7 releases, see my Super7 tag. And for other recent Star Trek action figures, check back through my action figures tag. To keep track of all the latest Star Trek toy releases, hit the "Models, Toys, and Games" tab on my 2021 schedule page.


William Noetling said...

The long-lived Playmates lines of figures from the 90's to 00's was NOT 3 3/4" scale, they were 5 inch scale, or 6 inch scale later on. They did do 3 3/4" scale figures for the 2009 Kelvinverse film as well as a 6" line and doll size as well.

8of5 said...

My memory tripping me up there! Thanks William, duly updated :)