Monday 12 April 2021

The Gift and First Contact comic previews

This past week IDW delivered a double dose of TNG comic reprints. One was specifically to mark First Contact Day, and the other ended up with a surprising connection to this week's big announcements too. Continue below to check out the details and preview pages of The Gift and First Contact in comic form.

Released as a special one shot, The Gift(ad) is a facsimile edition of what was originally a DC Comics annual from 1990. This Q story was written by no less than Q himself, John de Lancie, with some additional dialogue from Star Trek comic writer and novelist Michael Jan Freidman. Art for the book is by DC regulars Gordon Purcell and Pablo Marcos, with colour from Julianna Ferriter. 

Of course de Lancie was announced just this week to be returning as Q soon in Picard season two, so this seems a nice moment to revisit his own take on Q. This particular book was written when Q was still very new, presenting him firmly as a menace to the crew, and still largely an enigma. It sees Q take Picard on a trip to his past, as well as a dark alternate timeline. One of the highlights of Q in comic form here is the choice of how to present him, made of space and stars in many scenes, and toying with the fabric of the universe. The story also has a lot of visual fun in how Q and Picard visit the past, including turning them into ducks! 

For this new printing IDW had J.K. Woodward create a new painted edition of the cover based on the original design by J.K. Moore. Otherwise it seems to be a straight reprint, so one to fill a gap in your collection if you've not picked up the original before.

To continue reading, pick up a copy. Available at places including these: Ebay(ad), Things From Another World(ad), Forbidden Planet(ad)Amazon(ad).

Also reissued last week, in digital form only, was Marvel Comics' comic book adaption of First Contact(ad) from 1996, now sporting a First Contact Day logo. John Vornholt adapted the screenplay to comic form, with art by Terry Pallot, Rod Whigham, and Philip Moy, and colour from Shannon Blanchard and Malibu. The cover is the same the original by Jeff Pittarelli, aside from the updated logos.

To continue reading, look for it places where digital comics are sold, such as Amazon(ad). Or you know, what the film!

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