Saturday 25 July 2020

Round 2 Model kit round-up: New Shuttlecraft Galileo kit, bigger Disco-Enterprise, and more

Star Trek model kit makers Round 2 Models have been keeping up a steady stream of both new kits and reissues of late, with their most recent release being the long anticipated brand new Shuttlecraft Galileo kit. Continue below to check out that, plus other new TOS and Discovery kits.

The Shuttlecraft Galileo kit is 1:32 scale, and comes with a set of decals that can also name the shuttle Columbus and Einstein, and indeed the Galileo II (and I suppose if so inclined the Columbus II or Einstein II too!)

Here's how Round 2 describe it:
ALL-NEW space ship model kit: Scale-modeling is a great hobby that provides a great looking display that you build yourself. This 1/32 scale Galileo shuttle plastic assembly kit presents the shuttlecraft featured in STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES. This precision-molded kit is based on the set and miniature model used in the show!

Precision fit: This model is created from all-new tooling for excellent fit and presents a fun building experience. The model is 11” long when completed and rests on detailed landing gear. It also features an open equipment hatch and other details.

Eye-catching packaging: The kit’s eye-catching packaging is great to display on the shelf next to your finished model. The kit’s 53 parts are molded in gray plastic with clear parts. It features a full-color decoration guide and all Polar Lights model kits include a pictorial instruction sheet to assist assembly. Skill level 2 – Suggested for modelers age 10+ PAINT AND GLUE REQUIRED.
There is the possibility, dependant on good enough sales, that there could be a follow up slide-in kit that would add an interior to the kit. So if that's something you'd like to see, best to support the kit now.

Here's the rest of the box art:

And here are some nice shots of a built and painted example (with misaligned landing gear!):

Also out just last month is the new 1:1000 scale Discovery USS Enterprise kit. This is the first larger scale Disco kit, following the initial 1:2500 releases of the Enterprise, Discovery, and Shenzhou. Check out the box art:

To enhance this kit there is also a separate lighting kit available. Here's how these describe what's included:
Take the 1:1000 scale U.S.S. Enterprise from STAR TREK: DISCOVERY to the next level of realism that plain plastic can’t deliver!

Bussard collector motors turn the engine fans. All wiring, plug-and-play circuit boards, and 37 LED lights comprise the battery-powered light kit. It features a solder-free assembly. Included colored clear plastic parts finish the set to supply vibrant colored lights that alleviate the need for paint.

And there's more! While the kit includes decals for all the names and pennants, a separate set of decals is available to add on aztecing across the hull.

And here are a couple of examples (I think with a bit of artistic license on the lighting effects), of a built and lit model:

Finally a reissue, which also started to arrive in June, the 1:1000 scale USS Reliant. This new version of the kit some with battle damage decals as well as the names and pennants, and additional aztecing decals are also available in a separate set which includes aztecing for both the reliant an the recently re-issued USS Enterprise refit kit.

Order links for mentioned kits:
Shuttlecraft Galileo 1:32 scale kit
Discovery USS Enterprise 1:1000 scale kit
Model kit: AmazonEbay.
Lighting kit: Amazon, Ebay.
Aztecing decals: Ebay.
Discovery 1:2500 scale kits
USS Discovery: Amazon, Ebay.
USS Shenzhou: Amazon, Ebay.
USS Enterprise: AmazonEntertainment Earth, Ebay.
Wrath of Khan 1:1000 scale kits
USS Reliant: AmazonEbay.
USS Enterprise: AmazonEbay.
Aztecing decals: Ebay.

To keep track of all the latest model kits and other starship model releases, kit the "Models, Toys, and Games" tab on my 2020 schedule page.

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