Wednesday 1 July 2020

Be always on duty with new Starfleet uniform sleepwear and bedding

Is your insomnia driven by the thought that the urgent call of a Red Alert might leave you struggling to get into uniform and dash to the bridge on time? Well fear not, the latest Star Trek sleepwear and bedding means you're never out of uniform. Continue below to check out all your options.

Sleepwear makers Intimo have launched a new range of Star Trek sleep-shirts and pajamas inspired by the uniforms of TOS, TNG, and Discovery. All their pieces are made from a fleecy polyester material, and feature embroidered insignia badges, plus other details depending on the design.

From The Next Generation there is a command night-shirt, which slightly reinterprets the uniform design to give it raglan sleeves and black back.

Alternatively the same sort of uniform is also available as a pajama set, which more closely follows the lines of the uniform design:

Also available as pajamas is the Discovery uniform. The design is slightly simplified, with plain trousers, and no golden elements on the back, but does feature the distinctive gold Starfleet delta panels, printed, down the sides.

From The Original Series sleep-shirts are available in the colours of all three departments, again tweaked to make a raglan style dress:

Or if you prefer you can also get TOS uniform pajamas, which again are a little more uniform accurate, in this case including the rank details on the sleeve cuffs. These only seem to be available in command or science variations, so there'll be no midnight engineering for you!

Star Trek uniform sleepwear has been done a few times before, and this is a good addition to that ongoing effort, particularly adding in Discovery uniforms for the first time, and I think the sleep-shirts look pretty cool too.

If you prefer to be less-dressed in bed, or just want to layer up your uniforms, then Character World have the solution in the form of Starfleet uniform bedding; as long as you have a single bed at least. They offer Discovery and TNG uniform options, and both featuring a gigantic uniform print on one side, or repeating pattern of deltas on the other:

Order links:
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TNG uniform pajama setEbay, Amazon.
Discovery uniform pajama setEbay, Amazon.
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Discovery uniform single bedding setEbay, Amazon.

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