Wednesday 1 July 2020

Lower Decks gets release date, and USS Cerritos revealed

CBS have made some big Lower Decks reveals and announcements today, including details of the first season's release in North America. Continue below for all the details of the forthcoming Star Trek animated comedy series..

The other big update from the series is the much anticipated reveal of the series' ship, the USS Cerritos in a new teaser poster, which also features the tagline: "Rarely going where no one has gone before".

I love it's weird form! It's got some Galaxy class-esque elements, with the curiosity of the seemingly inaccessible engineering section also seen in the Oberth class.

Here's a motion graphics version of the poster:

As you might note from those images, CBS have announced the series will begin from the 6th of August. The first season will run for ten episodes, released weekly on CBS All Access in the USA.

Meanwhile in Canada CTV Sci-Fi Channel recently announced they will air the series there - That's part of Bell Media, the home of Discovery and Picard in Canada too. Alas for those of us in the entire rest of the world there is not yet news of where (or if) the series can be found.

Looking forward to his series beginning, creator Mike McMahan has this advice:

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