Saturday 11 July 2020

Latest Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection titles and other Star Trek comics updates

Eaglemoss have announced the contents of four new books in the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection. Continue below for all the details, plus a few other Star Trek comics updates.

Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection #125: The Ashes of Eden

Named for the comic book adaptation of William Shatner's first "Shatnerverse" novel. The book will also contain a couple of other DC Comics TOS Specials. Contents and credits are:
  • The Ashes of Eden
    • An adventure set between The Undiscovered Country and Generations, featuring Kirk, the decommissioned USS Enterprise-A, and some Klingon/Romulan mixed heritage people among other things!
    • Written by William Shatner and Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, with art by Steve Erwin (pencils) and Jimmy Palmiotti (inks). 
  • DC Star Trek Special #2
    • Raise the Defiant
      • A TOS movie-era sequel to The Tholian Web.
      • Written by Kevin J. Ryan, with art by Chris Wozniak (penicls) and Jeff Hollander (inks)
    • A Question of Loyalty
      • A TOS movie-era meeting of Saavik and Valeris.
      • Written by Steven H. Wilson, with art by Rachel Ketchum (pencils) and Rich Faber (inks).
  • DC Star Trek Special #3
    • The Unforgiven
      • A TOS TV-era sequel to Operation: Annihilate! featuring Kirk and his nephews on a camping trip, and Orions in tanks!
      • Written by Michael Jan Friedman, with art by Steve Erwin (pencils) and Jimmy Palmiotti (inks).
    • Echoes of Yesterday
      • A TOS movie-era story that's also a sequel to Operation: Annihilate! featuring an older Peter Kirk on a time travel mission to try and save his parents in that episode.
      • Written by Mark A. Altman, with art by Ken Save (pencils) and Ron Boyd (inks).

Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection #126: N-Vector

A four-part DS9 miniseries set after the TV series and part of the DS9 relaunch novel continuity. The book was written by KW Jeter with beautifully distinctive art by penciller Toby Cypress and inkers Jason Martin and Mark Irwin.  A story focused on Quark also features the curious N-Vector viroid, which among other things makes a replica of Deep Space 9; the art style of the book really feeds into its creepy representation.

The book also collects an assortment of Star Trek comic strip oddities, including fast-food packaging, toys, adverts and artist audition panels from the TOS newspaper strips.
Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection #127: Blood Will Tell

IDW's second ever Star Trek miniseries, and still one of it's best I think, Klingons: Blood Will Tell retells several Klingon TOS episodes (Errand of Mercy, The Trouble With Tribbles, A Private Little War, and Day of the Dove),
from the Klingon point of view, with a framing story set around the events of The Undiscovered Country.

There five-part series was the first of many from writers Scott and David Tipton, with art by David Messina and Elena Casagrande.
Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection #128: Cry Vengeance

Another DC Comics Specials collection, but this time from TNG. The book includes what were original three specials, each with two or three stories. Also included will be scripts from the first issue, to provide missing text from the book as originally released for the first time!
  • DC TNG Special #1
    • Good Listener
      • A bit of a horror story featuring Guinan.
      • Written by Tony Isabella and Bob Ingersol, with art by pencillers Deryl Skelton and Steve Carr, and inker Jim Amash.
    • A True Son of Kahless
      • An eventful camping trip for Worf and Alexander.
      • Written by Anne Wokanovicz, with art Kenneth Penders (pencils) and Romeo Tanghal (inks).
    • Spot's Day
      • Data's cat Spot gets an adventure of his own!
      • Written by Diane Duane, with art by Rod Whigham (pencils) and Mike Sellers (inks)
  • DC TNG Special #2
    • The Choice
      • Filling in Ro Laren's backstory.
      • Written by Michael Jan Friedman, with art by Gordon Purcell (pencils) and Terry Pallot (inks).
    • Cry Vengeance
      • A Klingon focused sequel to the TOS graphic novel Debt of Honor.
      • Written by Chris Claremont, with art by Chris Wozniac (pencils) and Jerome Moore (inks)
    • Out of Time
      • A story featuring Captain Morgan Bateman of the USS Bozeman (from the episode Cause and Effect) and a meeting with the similarly temporarily displaced Scotty.
      • Written by Michael Jan Friedman, with art by Steve Erwin (pencils) and Charles Barnett (inks).
  • DC TNG Special #3
    • Pandora's Prodigy
      • A transporter technology moral quandary focused on Geordi La Forge.
      • Written by Michael DeMeritt, with art by Ricardo Villagran.
    • Old Debts
      • Another 24th century adventure for Scotty, this time teamed up with Robin Lefler for a tour of the decommissioned Enterprise-A, rudely interrupted by Koleth seeking revenge for the events of The Trouble With Tribbles.
      • Written by Kevin Ryan, with art by Ken Save (pencils) and Shephard Hendrix (inks).
These books should all by arriving in August/September this year. Many of these titles have no been reprinted since they were first release; as editor Rich Handley made a point of in my recent interview, the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection does have a chance at reprinting every Star Trek comic, but it needs another extension to get that far, and that's reliant on decent sales - So please do support the line by subscribing to the series, or picking up the odd individual issues of interest.

In other comics updates, it looks a lot like IDW might be planning a reprint of some old DC TNG content itself, as JK Woodward recently revealed his recreation of the cover (originally by Jerome Moore) of the first DC TNG Annual. Exactly what and when IDW are reprinting (assuming its a reprint) is unknown; Woodward was auctioning off the original art as a charity fund raiser - No less than the Star Trek Comics Checklist's Mark Martinez won it!  

Getting more up to date, next week will see the start of the new DS9 miniseries Too Long a Sacrifice is starting next week. The four-part series will be an Odo focused noir story, and writers Scott and David Tipton have been hard at work plugging it ahead of release. Speaking to SyFy Wire, David Tipton outlined the series:
Too Long a Sacrifice was conceived as a story with two points of particular interest: One, a closer look at the 'behind the scenes' aspect of Deep Space Nine (the ongoing underground trade and business that stays in the shadows, along with the station’s darker history dating back to the Cardassian occupation of Bajor), and two, a look at how the station would handle a series of seemingly unstoppable crimes. Odo is naturally the nexus for these themes: he has a long and unique history with the station and knows it better than perhaps anyone. Odo’s voice is an unusual one: he often communicates with grunts or short expressions, and we’ve enjoyed conveying that in this story.
The brothers also spoke to Monkeys Fighting Robots, in a cool feature that has them provide commentary on select pages from the first issue. See that original piece for their analysis of some key moments.

The other current series from IDW is of course Star Trek: Year Five. Following the release of the recent twelfth issue in that series, cover artist Stephen Thompson shared some of his alternate cover concepts for the book, plus the final artwork sans titles:

To keep track of all the latest Star Trek comic releases, hit the comics button on my 2020 schedule page. You can also find reading lists for several Star Trek comic series on my Trek Collective Lists site.


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