Thursday 23 July 2020

Loads of new Lower Decks images, plus first episode titles

CBS have released a load of new Lower Decks images, and the titles of the first four episodes. We get to see a lot of our new heroes - Ensigns Beckett Mariner, Brad Boimler, Tendi, and Rutherford - in action, as well as the bridge crew, and other members of the USS Cerritos crew. Plus we get to see more of the ship, strange new worlds, and a load of references to all things Trek! Continue below to check them out.

Episode one is, of course, Second Contact. This would appear to be the episode with the zombie goo incident we've seen in the trailer, plus a visit to an alien world:

Episode two is Envoys, which for at least part of the episode sees our heroes paired up: Tendi and Rutherford at work in a Jefferies tube, while Mariner and Boimler take a shuttle to a Klingon planet. This episode also features a classic Star Trek glowing energy... thing, and a Ferengi!

Also from this episode we have an image Lieutenant Shaxs, a Bajoran senior officer (I assume security chief).

Episode three has an intriguing title, Temporal Edict, and probably the coolest image of this release, Mariner apparently trying to join up something between all manner of Star Trek call backs - I hope the humpback whales appear in the episode properly!

Episode four is Moist Vessel, and the images so far released focus on the bridge crew, specifically Captain Carol Freeman (apparently doing stand-up), and Commander Ransom.

Another senior officer was also recently revealed. Paul Scheer will be voicing the ship's chief engineer Lt. Commander Andy Billups, as a recurring guest character.

A few more images have also been revealed from unspecified episodes. Here we have most of the main characters in some sort of cargo or maintenance bay - Could this be their gathering place?

We've also got another shot of Rutherford:

And the whole gang in the ship's bar, which seems to be a different angle of a similar shot from the first episode above.

Additionally a motion poster version of the latest poster for the series has also been revealed:

Lower Decks will begin it's first ten-episode season from the 6th of August, available weekly on CBS All Access in the USA, and CTV Sci-Fi Channel and other Bell Media platforms in Canada - Frustratingly, international distribution has still not been revealed.

To keep track of all the latest news from the series, have a look back through my Lower Decks tag, for previews, behind the scenes, and merchandise updates.

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