Thursday 23 January 2020

Borg coming to the Kelvin timeline in latest Fleet Command missions

The Borg are coming to the Kelvin timeline, in the latest expansion for the video game Fleet Command. A series of monthly events will form the first "Seasonal Arc" in the game.

Scopely have announced new Borg missions will be available to play, and each event will reward players with resources, materials, and shards towards claiming a Borg officer for the player's crew.

The first of those events is Borg Reconnaissance, and well, the promo art doesn't look like everything is going to go well for the Kelvin timeline's Starfleet!

Of course this isn't the first Borg encounter in the Kelvin timeline, the first arc in the Boldly Go comic series also had them visit the Federation much earlier than their prime timeline counterparts. That was quite a limited visit though, with months of missions to come this looks like a major incursion!

In other updates from the game: In a previous update Scopely introduced Deep Space, an expansion of Fleet Command's game map.

That expansion promises:
120 new star systems to explore, 12 new ships to unlock, 60 new upgrades to research, and over 400 new missions and Star Trek stories to experience. 
Here's a map showing where the new space sits next to the major powers, all seemingly expanding towards the Delta Quadrant:

Scopely have highlighted a few of those promised new ships. Those include new mining ships for the three major factions: Federation's USS Hydra, Klingon B'Chor, and Romulan Vorta Vor:

The USS Kelvin also seems to be a recent addition:

Looking back to older ships, ship builder Sergey Glivich has shared on ArtStation a closer look at his models for the game of the USS Kelvin, and the new Ferengi ship introduced last year:

Finally, Scopely have released this dramatic narrative trailer/short:

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