Friday 31 January 2020

New TOS movie era coats from Volante Design

Volante Design have revealed their latest Star Trek streetwear creation, a range of coats inspired by the Starfleet uniform of The Wrath of Khan and the rest of the subsequent TOS movie era. Starfleet 2293 coat is available in mens and womens cuts, and a surprising variety of colours, continue below to check it out:

As you can see, the coat features a few tweaks the on-screen costume, to give it a bit more every day comfort and functionality. That includes a less shoulder emphasising cut, a removable hood and belt, external and internal pockets, and being made from water resistant fabric. This little infographic from Volante's Instagram helps highlight the features:

Here's some shots of the monster maroon coloured mens cut:

And the womens cut:

Also offered is a Discovery blue version:

And a Section 31 black option:

Volante also posted a little bit of concept art on their Instagram:

Volante are taking orders now, and expecting to ship by the end of February.

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