Monday 20 April 2020

DS9 behind the scenes: Defiant miniature, alien makeup, concept art, and more

In my latest round-up of behind the scenes Star Trek goodies I'm taking a look at some of the latest things I've come across from the production of Deep Space Nine. It's a gloriously diverse collection of amazing alien make-up, beautiful concept art, props, miniatures and more. Continue below to check it all out.

First up, perhaps my favourite behind the scenes thing to enjoy, lots of pictures of a beautiful starship miniature; in this case the USS Defiant. These were shared online in a gallery I believe can be credited to visual effects artist and miniature maker Bill George. We can see every nook and cranny of this tough little ship as a result, all brightly light in outdoor light.

The selection above is just the highlights, you can find even more in the original gallery!

Another miniature from the series, the Bajoran Interceptor, came up for auction last year, so thanks to Prop Store we can get a really good look at that ship too. These again are just highlights, you'll find even more on the original listing.

Visual effects artist David Stipes gives us a look at a couple more miniatures via his gallery of Star Trek work on his website.

Also from Stipes is this fun look at how they made the scenes on the Founder planet. Strangely look like they filmed it on a holodeck!

A couple of makeup artists that worked on DS9 have shared some of their behind the scenes photos from the series on their Instagram accounts. For the less seen aliens, these give us a great chance to have a look at their designs. Here are a few from Thomas E Surprenant:

And some familiar aliens worked on by Michael Key:

Plus also from Key a really good look at some more of those more unusual designs:

We can see an earlier stage of alien design thanks to this concept art by Ricardo Delgado for the Hunters from Captive Pursuit, which it seems were called the Drai:

A bunch of Delgado's work from DS9 came up for auction a few years ago, giving a great opportunity to get a good look at some of his stunningly detailed work. Particularly impressive are all these concepts for the promenade:

There's also artworks for ops:

Some stunning concepts for the wormhole:

And a Bajoran city:

Another piece of Bajoran concept art can be found among the images from the Roddenberry Vault shared by Roddenberry Entertainment to celebrate DS9's 25th anniversary:

I've shared some of this gallery before, when I did a post specifically about ships, but there's lots more interesting stuff in there, like this rather lovely take on Ferenginar:

An interestingly utilitarian take on the Starfleet uniform:

And aside from Malora here, a whole load of props and console art too:

Do check out the full gallery for even more! Roddenberry also posted a multi-part interview with the artist of most of the images from a that gallery, Jim Martin. Part two here actually talks about Voyager bridge designs, but the first and third parts are DS9 focused, with the third giving a really good look at some unusual prop concepts:

Finally, another Jim Martin design, brought to life. Also auctioned off by Prop Store last year was a DS9 Romulan disruptor. They have lots more pictures up if you're into Star Trek weapons:

For lots more behind the scenes coverage from all of Trek, check out my behind the scenes tag.

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Izydor Ingwar I. said...

Unbelievably beautiful work by Ricardo Delgado. like lifted from a Franco-Belgian comics. Love every one of them.

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