Friday 10 January 2020

Tribbles breakfast cereal art prints!

In a gloriously strange product choice the latest offering on the Star Trek Shop is a range of poster prints of the Tribbles breakfast cereal box art, as seen in the post-credits mock-advert from last year's tribble-stuffed Short Treks episode, The Trouble with Edward.

The Tribbles cereal range includes the classic Tribbles: Original Flavour, appealing Hairy Berry, the according-to-the-advert new flavour Spicy Ranch (with sheriff tribble mascot!), and not seen on-screen there also an additional Cinnamon Tribbles ("the non-stop pop") variety! Check out the not-exactly-appetizing jokes in the small print!

All four designs are available either as canvases (at either 16x24 or 32x48 inches), or as poster prints (at 16x24 or 36x54 inches), or if you just can't pick your favourite there's also a collage of all four available.

And if you want a reminder of the advert, you can check it out in full on too.

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