Sunday 26 January 2020

KeySmart launches Star Trek designs

KeySmart, makers of a little gadgety thing that makes your keys neater, have launched some new Star Trek designs in their range, one based on TOS, and one on TNG. Naturally these future inspired designs are used on KeySmart Pro products, which has some additional clever mobile tech to make sure you also don't lose your keys (or your phone).

KaySmart is sort of a keyring crossed with a DIY Swiss Army Knife; you can take the thing apart, and then insert your keys - It can hold up to fourteen - and once reassembled they swivel in and out of the KeySmart keeping them neat. The KeySmart Pro also features a built in bottle-opener and torch, and uses the Tile app to makes your keys findable using your phone. Or, if you have your keys but not your phone, you can use it the other way round. All the gadgety functions are charged via a USB port.

KeySmart also offer optional accessories to make it even more multi-functional, such as a flip out USB flash drive, and tiny scissors. You can see some of them here among the wider KeySmart range:

KeySmart also like to point out you don't need any tools to assemble it. Assuming you don't count the coin that can be used, as shown here:

And here's your comparison of what life is life before and after a you bring a KeySmart into it!

Let's take a closer look at the Star Trek designs. Here's the TOS version, which is based on the colourful bridge consoles:

Both designs feature a "Property of USS Enterprise" graphic, this one the TOS version of course:

And this is a sample of the base artwork used:

Here's the TOS KeySmart in action:

And then there's the TNG design:

This one is specifically focused on Captain Picard, with images of him, and various Picard quotes, all over it:

The KeySmart is available now, via KeySmart, where you can also get some of those extra attachments, or The Big Bad Toy Store.

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