Wednesday 30 May 2018

Star Trek Toys update: McFarlane Toys, DST, and NJ Croce figures, ships, and props

Lots of Star Trek toys news is surfacing lately, with new releases on the way, but also something maybe not coming so soon. Continue below for the latest from Diamond Select Toys and NJ Croce. But first, there's a whole bunch of stuff to look at from the newest Star Trek toy company, McFarlane Toys.

McFarlane's first Star Trek releases are due next month, seven inch action figures of Captain Kirk and Captain Picard. We finally have some new preview images of them thanks to adverts that have appeared in recent Star Trek comics, and a banner from McFarlane's website. Hopefully more comprehensive sets of photos will be released as we approach the release dates, but for now this is our best look at the new figures:

Pre-order Kirk: Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Things From Another World, Forbidden Planet.
Pre-order Picard: Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Things From Another World, Forbidden Planet

McFarlane also had a brief moment dedicated to it in the recently released Star Trek episode of The Toys That Made Us, a Netflix toy history documentary series (that is really rather good!). The Star Trek episode takes us through the messy history of Star Trek toys which is something of an entertaining tragedy most of the time! There's a particular focus on the misfires of the 70s and 80s, but also some coverage of newer releases, and in that section we got a look at McFarlane's toy designers working on 3D scans of Discovery characters. Interestingly these include T'Rell and Saru, which would be new additions to McFarlane's planned range if they make it. T'Kuvma and Burnham have been previously announced as planned figures, and they were both seen in scan-form too, with the space-suit version of Burnham being worked on (which would be a really cool figure if that's what is produced!).

In less happy news from McFarlane it appears there is something afoot with their Discovery phaser, as Big Bad Toy Store have recently sent pre-order customers this notice:
We have been informed by McFarlane Toys that they will not be producing the Star Trek: Discovery Phaser Prop Replica. Unfortunately this means we must cancel our Pre-orders for this item. If this item is re-solicited in the future, we will be sure to publish it on our website once again. 
I've not heard any work directly from McFarlane yet, and am hopeful not-producing will turn out to mean just delayed. TrekMovie did ask about this at the recent Phoenix Comic Fest though, and got this rather cryptic reply:
Sometimes what happens is you get to these weird circular conversations where the studios want you to put out something that the retailers don’t want, and vice versa. So, you have to start doing this dance – usually we can figure it out, but we’re just trying to make sure that everybody is sort of in agreement as to what should be and shouldn’t be out there.
Meanwhile back on The Toys That Made Us we got a improved look at a view of the USS Reliant prototype model from Diamond Select Toys - The same image was previewed a few months ago to tease the episode, but now we can see it a bit bigger.

DST have been working on the Reliant for some time, but if you thought their Star Trek Legends range of electronic ships was stalling somewhat, think again, as it seems there's another ship also in development that's coming a lot sooner; already at the factory sooner according to a recent tweet:
New ship is at the factory, farther along than Reliant ever was. We should offer it fairly soon
DST tend to be quite guarded about development these days, as things like having announced the Reliant a while ago do tend to make us fans a bit impatient. But they did back in January outline what's currently on the go in an Ask DST post:
We are currently working on two ships, three action figures and a role-play item. Details will need to be for the future, as we don’t want to announce something that does not end up going forward for any reason.
TNG phaser previewed back in 2015
Indeed a more recent tweet mentioned they are currently working on seven items! So we know there's the Reliant and the mystery other ship. The previously announced Borg Star Trek Select figure is still in the works (says a recent tweet), but who knows what the other two figures are. There's also the TNG phaser which has been in the works a while, and that leaves a completely unknown seventh item to be revealed too. The phaser was mentioned as still in development just a few days ago in another Ask DST post:
We have not officially solicited that item yet, but the phaser is still in development. When our factory gives us a working sample, we will put out a solicitation for orders and provide a ship date. For sure, this item has had some development snags.
Finally, here's something you can get right now! NJ Croce released the first of their new Star Trek bendable figures back in March. You can get either Kirk or Spock individually, or a transporter room themed four-pack of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Scotty. Here's a nice new out of the box picture of the four-pack:

Purchase: AmazonEntertainment Earth.

To stay up to date on all the latest Star Trek toy and model releases, check my 2018 schedule page, and for listings of various ranges, including the McFarlane action figure line and DST starships, see Trek Collective Lists.


mark bernero said...

I gave up on DST long ago. CBS needs to pull their liscense and give it to some one else!

Unknown said...

Aren't they kindof doing that with this McFarlane deal? Depending on how they come out (McFarlane can be hit or miss), they just might make their cartoony non-action-figures obsolete.

I do think there is still a market for DST's ships and roleplay items, however. They do a pretty good job with those.

Fox said...

lol, yeah, it's pathetic how long it takes DST to make new ships. That said, no one makes better Trek ships than them, so it's better than nothing.

I am curious about the new ship. I can't imagine what it could be. Maybe a D7 or K'Tinga? Trying to think of something unexciting. It's not going to be a Voyager or Defiant. Maybe a Discovery?

mark bernero said...

CBS needs to pull the liscense to do ships from DST and give it to a company who knows that there is still a market for them!!!!!

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