Thursday 31 May 2018

3D printed Star Trek Online ships coming in smaller (cheaper) sizes

Star Trek Online and Mixed Dimensions have announced they are widening their offering of 3D printed model starships on their GamePrint service, with a new range of options for different sized models, printed in full colour.

The initial service to print starships from the video game was launched back in March, allowing players to buy physical models of their in-game ships (with over 500 designs available, all customised to their owner's heart's content). Initially these were offered as twelve inch long models, either in solid colours or hand-painted, and at a fairly substantial price point. Now though they are widen their options with the choice to instead print ships directly in full colour, and at a range of sizes; either four, seven, or twelve inch long models, ranging from $20 to $299.

These will all be offered from the start of June. The original solid and hand painted option is also still available, although the initial introductory offer is now gone, pushing that price up to $349 for the primed or single color models, and $549 for painted ships.

STO have shared some of the results of the first few ships to be printed, and in some cases painted, and they do look rather impressive (and highlight the exotic diversity of ships available in the game!)

They've also released an unboxing video of one of the ships:

To get your own 3D printed ship, you just have to upload your chosen ship from within the game, and then follow through the subsequent ordering process.

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