Thursday 3 May 2018

Facepalming Picard bust, and other things to Trek your life

I've got quite a variety of Star Trek bits and pieces to liven up your home and office today, starting with the latest quirky bit of decor from Icon Heroes. Available now exclusively at ThinkGeek is the new Captain Picard facepalming bust, which is just the latest in an ever growing range of products capitalising on this popular meme!

The resin bust is six inches tall, and a rather curious limited edition of 1602. ThinkGeek are so enamoured by it they've even released a promotional video, which might well make you mimic the bust yourself...

If you want something with a bit more visual impact, last month Calhoun Sportswear released a range of TNG banners (available via Entertainment Earth). Each one is 50x30 inches. So far you can pick from the USS Enterprise-D, a captain's uniform inspired design, and Starfleet Academy logo.

For trekkies on the go, PopSocket have just launched a range of Star Trek designs for their phone/table collapsible stand/handle thingies! There are so far seventeen designs to chose from, available on Amazon, drawn from Discovery, TOS, and DS9:

Finally, back in January, Vandor have released their latest Star Trek metal lunchbox, this time sporting several of Juan Ortiz' TNG retro poster designs.

To keep track of all the latest Star Trek releases, see my 2018 schedule page. You can also find lists of all sorts of Star Trek products lines on Star Trek lists site.

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Unknown said...

Why is picards arm cut off like that? Looks bizarre.

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