Wednesday 23 May 2018

Trek TV updates: Mystery Meyer series and Discovery latest

Catching up on the Star Trek TV news, including the latest Discovery season two updates, and DVD release of sorts (not one you can get yet alas).

But first, we have an intriguing update on Nick Meyer's mystery project, a not-Discovery something, which if you recall he first mentioned not quite a year ago. TrekCore caught his most recent comments last week, when asked about the project at another event:
I was hired to write a stand-alone ‘Star Trek’-related trilogy, [details of which] I can’t discuss or I’d have to kill you. [Laughs] I was writing it for CBS [All] Access… but at the moment CBS is at a war with Paramount/Viacom [about merging].

They’re in a power struggle which turned really nasty this past week when CBS decided to sue Viacom. So I don’t think my project is going anywhere in a hurry, because everything is on hold while they sort out this merger business. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.
What this keeps vague is what it's a trilogy of? If it's for CBS one assumes it's a TV project, as Paramount retain the rights to make Star Trek movies; but does that rule out TV-movies? Or are we talking three regular TV episodes of something, or three linked miniseries?? Who knows! And if it's awaiting the outcome of the latest round of CBS/Paramount dealings then we might not know for some good time yet!

Meanwhile production of Discovery season two is underway, but some of the cast and crew were able to sneak away from set to take part in a panel at Vulture Festival recently. Nothing much new was revealed of course, but showrunner Gretchen J. Berg did make an uplifting commitment to not just continue the excellent work on representation the series has so far delivered, but to aim to broaden it to represent just about any viewer; a beautifully Trekian aspiration! As quoted by
We absolutely wanted to reflect the world we live in now because that has always been the vision of Starfleet for Roddenberry, that everybody is represented, and we know there are still people who have not been represented yet on our show. It will be our goal, as long as we’re there, to try to make sure we get everybody in there that we can. So, we’re aware of it, and it’s something that we are dedicated to. It’s exciting. It’s our responsibility to make sure that, wherever you are on this planet, and whatever background you come from, when you turn on the show, you’re able to find yourself and see yourself in there. I think that’s the commitment was from the beginning and what it will be.
Meanwhile back at the studios, Anson Mount is proving to be a very enthusiastic Trekkie on social media, reveling in his new role as Captain Pike. That includes this little video of his hair being Piked to perfection ready to shoot:

Finally looking back to season one, and CBS are pushing Discovery hard for Emmy nominations, with members of the Television Academy being sent DVD sets of the first season to ponder on a wide range of possible accolades for the series. One such member was kind enough to share some pictures of said box set, which neatly pulls together lots of Discovery promo imagery. This is probably not indicative of what any eventual commercial version of the set would look like, but I'd not complain if it were similar!

For an overview of the series so far, including behind the scenes coverage, and details of tie-in products, visit my Star Trek: Discovery guide page. Or for details of each episode, including links to previews and reviews, see my episode list.

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