Thursday 15 March 2018

Star Trek Online 3D printed ships available now

Star Trek Online and Mixed Dimensions have now launched their new 3D printing service, allowing STO players to get a physical model of their favourite ships from the game, exactly as they have customised them. 500 or so different ships are available, in who knows how many variations of designs once players have switched out parts and tweaked the paint jobs to their heart's content.

As previously reported, the ships will be available in either plain primed version to paint yourself, a single solid colour finish, or a fully hand painted finish complete with custom decals. Those range from $200 to $350, for a twelve inch model.

Here's a little video preview too.

There are plans for twenty of the most popular designs to also be available to print without having to export from STO (so if you don't play you could still grab a model of a popular ship). Which ships these are haven't been announced yet, but one imagines will surely include the USS Enterprise-F pictured above.

A handful of ships are not available. It was previously suggested these would be due to issues recreating some ships in real life (not existing in zero G). Although I suspect there are also licensing issues in effect, as among the not available list are all the Discovery ships in the game so far: The Crossfield class, Walker class, and Sarcophagus ship.

Other Starfleet ships not available are the Vesta class, Delta class, and Jupiter class. And then there are several ships from particular races not happening either, the Herald Baltim, Quas, and Vonph. The Na'Kuhl Acheros, Daemosh, and Tadaari. The Sphere Builder Arehbes, Denuos, and Edoulg. Finally the Son'a Collector, and Tholian Tarantula are also not available.


Gojirasaurus said...

The link: shows an in-game order process image showing the ship template choice drop-down, and Miranda is one option shown.

So, I take it that all TOS/TMP/TNG/DS9/VOY designs are on the table as well? I have yet to see any images beyond that order image indicating it, nor confirmation of it even in the AMA linked to at the first link ( shown here:

All I see is confirmation to a question from an STO player asking if he can mix TMP and TOS elements together here:

However, I'd like to know if one were to, say order a Constellation class Stargazer, they would get that, or an "STO'd" version instead. For instance, the Vesta class in-game, and modeled, doesn't look like the official "real world" Pocket Books/Eaglemoss version we've come to know.

Of course, if any screen canon hero ship's not in the "20 of the game’s most popular starships" selection on the side, we'd have to start getting the game to get on board. Add that this promo pricing is through March 29th, and I wonder how much the cost is to get the game, create a standard in-series canon ship within it, and get in under the wire before this price likely skyrockets.

Unless already into STO, it seems a daunting task.

8of5 said...

STO features ships from ever Star Trek series, and a lot of them, they've been saying 500+ available for this service. And yes that's however you spec them out in game, whichever parts and colour schemes you use (aside from the handful of ships and parts not offered, which does include the Vesta).

You can get all the canon hero ships from any number of other ship model producers though (Eaglemoss, Round 2, DST, etc), so I'm not sure I can see the appeal of those through this not exactly inexpensive service. Surely part of it's novelty is that you Can spec out your own particular design.

Gojirasaurus said...

Yes, but some canon ships have never been available in sizes larger than from EM. In that, this becomes attractive. Although, one REALLY need to be a fan of a ship to pay this much. Ships like Stargazer or Reliant "might" be worth the price if DST won't ever do them.

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