Thursday 4 August 2016

Starships Collection's run up to issue ninety announced

Eaglemoss have announced, via, several new ships coming soon to their magazine and model series, Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection. Continue below for a look at those newly announced ships, and other updates from the collection.

So working back from the furthest ahead, due out as issue ninety is the Romulan scout ship (which will arrive first in the UK in January, and as ever follow later in other markets as the series progresses in each part of the world). This isn't the first model ever released of this design, but I believe it will be much larger and more detailed than any previous release, following little Micro Machines and Wizkids game miniature versions.

The long awaited USS Enterprise-J, almost the last of the current prime timeline Enterprises in the collection (still holding out for you ringship Enterprise), will also be arriving in January, the first UK release of 2017, as issue eighty-nine in the series. See previous report for a look at the actual model. This will be the first ever model of this 26th century ship, as is indeed the case for most of the other ships coming to the collection these days, with most of the really well established designs having been covered earlier in the series.

The final issue of 2016 (in the UK at least) will be the latest Enteprise-era Vulcan ship in the collection, the Vahklas, first and most prominently seen in Fusion.

From much later in the timeline, the little 29th century timeship UTS Aeon, from Voyager's Future's End, is issue eighty-seven.

Rather surprisingly there has been a model made of the Gorn ship previously. This design was made for the remastered version of TOS's Arena, but never seen up close on screen, With a final colour scheme as envisioned by designer Mike Okuda, this will give us our best ever look at the design, previously released only as a small Attack Wing miniature.

Before we get to all the wings and narrow nacelles of the above ships, issue eighty-five is a little more, brick-shaped... The Federation holoship from Insurrection.

Issue eighty-four was revealed in the latest round of solicitations, so we have a look at both the model and magazine cover for the NX Alpha.

Issue eight-three, coming in October, has been announced before, but the solicitation gives us a new look at the Bajoran troop transport model. There has been a model of this once before, but again, only a miniature in Wizkids games.

Several issues that are already out the UK have now been added to Eaglemoss' online shop, with a smattering of new images for each. The newest of those is issue seventy-seven, the Romulan shuttle, which arrived a couple of weeks ago.

Issue seventy-six was Neelix's ship, the Baxial.

And seventy-five was the Enterprise-E captain's yacht, the Cousteau. There have been a couple of models of this ship before, but it's still something of a rarity, this is certainly the most accessible release of it so far.

Notable absent from the recent announcements are any ships from Star Trek Beyond. We know Eaglemoss have been working on at least three designs from the film, with a stated aim of releasing something near the film. So hopefully we should soon have news of the first of those as an imminent special issue (as the nuTrek ships are always released as those larger issues outside the regular run of the series).

For a listing of all the ships in the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

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Unknown said...

nice new models...
but where is the enterprise E shuttle.....badly need it

mcarp555 said...

There has been talk of a second set of shuttlecraft models. I don't recall which ones would be included, however.

Unknown said...

Ok. however I hope it would be a stand alone shuttle like runabout or captain shuttle/
Could be awesome to make a set with the federation scout ship like in INSURRECTION !

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