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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

First nuTrek postage stamps, and US stamp release datails

It's been an exciting year for trekkie stamp collectors, with dozens of new Star Trek postage stamps released around the world, representing almost every Star Trek series. While we're still waiting on some TAS stamps to truly cover every corner of the Star Trek universe, St. Kitts have now helped to fill one gap, with the release of the first ever postage stamps featuring Kelvin timeline subjects.

Seven stamps have been released as two miniature sheets, using promo shots from the first nuTrek movie. One sheet features most of the main characters (sorry Scotty and Chekov), while the other has a single stamp featuring both Spocks.

If you can't make it to the Caribbean anytime soon, fear not, as these stamps, and many more, are available from the Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation, who design and distribute stamps for countries around the world, and subsequently have produced most of the Star Trek stamps over the years.

One of the released not being handled by the IGPC is this year's new Star Trek stamps from the United States Postal Service.  The set of four TOS designs, which feature new artwork created especially for the release, will launch this week at the Star Trek: Mission New York convention.

The USPS have also revealed the special USS Enterprise post mark which will be used for first day covers.

Also available to pre-order is a larger miniature sheet featuring five of  each of the stamp designs.

For a look back at all the previous Star Trek postage stamps releases from around the world, check my Star Trek postage stamps list.


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