Sunday 7 August 2016

Keepsake USS Franklin coming, and other Hallmark Star Trek updates

Every year since 1991 Hallmark have released at least one Star Trek ornament in their Keepsake range of Christmas decorations, including a model ship every year. At this week's Star Trek Las Vegas convention they announced which ship is coming next, and I'm sure it will be no surprise that 2017 will be bring us the ship of the moment, the USS Franklin. released this image. While not noted in report, I expect this model will have light and/or sound features.

Meanwhile this year's range of Keepsakes have just recently gone on sale, and include several Star Trek designs. Continue below for a look at them all.

The 2016 ship is the USS Enterprise, specifically The Cage version of the ship, complete with spires on the front of the nacelles. Alas Captain Pike has already moved on it seems, as it is Captain Kirk's voice who can be heard from the ship at a push of a button, which plays the opening monologue and a section of the theme tune (you can hear the clip on Hallmark's website).

To mark the 50th anniversary the ship is presented in gold. And despite the rather dulled version Hallmark display on their website, the actual ornament has a brilliant shiny metallic finish. I should think this looks rather splendid on a Christmas tree.

If you don't fancy a gold Enterprise, the same model has been released in a more typical finish. Although this version is more difficult to get hold of, offered exclusively at the San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, and Star Trek: Mission New York convention.

Another convention exclusive will be offered at the two New York events noted above. From Hallmark's Crabby Road cartoons is Maxine, in Star Trek cosplay.

Meanwhile, the rest of the regular Star Trek range this year is of course TOS all the way. This year's diorama is from The Man Trap, featuring Kirk being Salt Vampired. This ornament also has sound features (which you can preview on the Hallmark website).

There's also a figurine of Chekov, which complete the Star Trek Legends series of similar figurines of all the main TOS characters. Chekov is a limited edition though, only available at Hallmark stores.

This year also brings us an additional table-top decoration, Called To Boldly Go, the scene features a section of the bridge, with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy gathered. It has both light and sound features. This decoration isn't out yet, it's expected in October.

For a look back through all Hallmark's previous Keepsake releases, see my Trek Collective List.

Meanwhile, Hallmark are also offering Star Trek items in some of their other ranges. Out already is a four character set of Star Trek itty bittys cuddly toys. Included are Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Uhura.

And coming soon, Star Trek will be one of the first brands in Hallmark's new Squeelys range of vinyl figures. As you'll know if you follow this site, small stylised figurines are all the rage these days, including no shortage of Star Trek offerings. So Hallmark have found an interesting angle here to offer something distinctive: In their new series the characters are driving classic cars. The Kirk figure teased is in a rather brilliant USS Enterprise-styled car!

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