Friday 1 July 2016

50th anniversary USS Enterprises

The USS Enterprise is getting a bit of bling this golden anniversary year, continue below to check out the latest models of the iconic ship.

Announced as one of Diamond Select Toys' San Diego Comic Con exclusives is a golden edition of the USS Enterprise-A. The model maintains the usual printing, giving an interesting smarting of blue over the golden hull. This will be a limited edition of 300.

You might be wondering why they've chosen to do the Enterprise-A, rather than the classic TV era design which is now fifty years old. Well maybe because they already released a gold version of that! Back in 2007 for the fortieth anniversary.

If you do want a golden classic Enterprise, then Bif Bang Pow are ready to serve, with their golden Enterprise Monitor Mate bobble-ship. This one is the deal deal too, twnety-four karat gold plated! While this is also a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, you can also pre-order it on Entertainment Earth.

Finally, for a more substantial display, Bradford Exchange also have a model of the Enterprise on the way, and this one isn't gold! The sculpture has some sort of built in illumination, although few other details have so far been revealed.


mark bernero said...

The DST ENT reminds me of the gingerbread one that was once on this site.

Mike said...

CBS has let one of DST's cats out of the bag. In their SDCC guide at, they indicate DST will have a "Star Trek Movie U.S.S. Reliant Electronic Starship" on display. The next toy ship after the Romulan Bird of Prey?

Fox said...

Not surprising. The Reliant is very popular.

Which I guess means 2020 is the earliest we can hope to see news of a Voyager, and 2025 for a Defiant.

I don't expect to be alive that long. Oh, well. Thank god for Eaglemoss, at least.

Gojirasaurus said...

You might be joking (hope so), but it is kind of disgusting to have to wait that long. People have likely actually died waiting for the Reliant.

It would be nice if DST went one step beyond the petition idea, and had a pledge-based buying option where they could do a pre-sale to and judge actual response and then roll out a full retail release subsequently.

BTW, as the Reliant is so similar to the 1701-A, I'm surprised it took this long to have it. Much of the work was already done and could be replicated here.

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