Friday 15 July 2016

Star Trek Beyond featurettes, trailers, and stills!

Star Trek Beyond is just a week away from its earliest releases around the world, and so of course Paramount are very busy making sure people know about it. Continue below for a look at several new behind the scenes featurettes that have been released, yet more trailers, and loads of stills. But first, the second clip to be released, gives us the moment Scotty and Jaylah meet:

Jaylah is also the subject of one of the new featuettes recently released. Once you've enjoyed learning about Jaylah, give this another watch with an ear focused on the music; sounds like another great soundtrack on the way from the clips of themes used here:

The bad guy Krall is the subject of another featurette:

And a third featurette takes us behind the scenes on the music video for Rihanna's tie-in single, Sledgehammer:

There are no less than five new TV spots, and this latest batch has quite a bit of new footage (which if you've watched all the trailers is getting a bit spoilery by now, so proceed with caution):

There are some really cool shots of the USS Franklin in that one, including an approach to a swarm infested Starbase Yorktown:

And another bit of flaming swarm action:

We get another look at some of Scotty's alien encounters there:

But the killer shot has to be the swarm attacking Starbase Yorktown:

So Jaylah is awesome, every new clip we get of her just adds to her awesomeness!

Anywho, notable new shots here, three Captain Kirk's on motorbikes (which I'm sure will please those of you who can't bare one!)

And Krall's (presumed) ship in Yorktown:

The shot of the Franklin is smashing, if terrifying with the swarm forming a wave! (I guess this is moments before the Franklin fire surfing above):

And Sulu in command!

Not so much new footage in that last one, except for a shot of co-writter Doug Jung making a cameo, and apparently holding Sulu's daughter while running away from Krall's attack on Yorktown. Could that mean he is Sulu's partner (after the recent reveal Sulu is gay)?

Comic Book Resources have also released a whole load of new stills, here are all the ones I've not posted before:


Idris Elba also tweeted a photo from the same moment as that last photo above, looking very moody as Krall:

Finally, here's a bonus trailer, for The Search For Spock, int he style of the third Star Trek Beyond trailer:

Star Trek Beyond will be arriving in cinemas around the world from the end of next week. To keep track of all the latest information on the film, visit my Star Trek Beyond guide page, and see the relevant pages on Trek Collective Archives to find all the trailers, posters, clipspromotional stills, and featurettes.

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