Saturday 16 July 2016

New 2017 Star Trek calendar previews

New covers and preview pages from several of the 2017 Star Trek calendars have been released. Continue below to check out the art, Star Trek Beyond, and TOS calendars.

Due out in August from Universe Publishing, the 50 Artists, 50 Years calendar features a selection of images from the touring 50th anniversary art exhibition of the same name. The calendar is formatted to allow the artwork to be easily removed from calendar once you're done using its practical functions, allowing each month's image to be used as a poster.

The newly revealed backcover gives us the full contents of the calendar, including several pieces from the exhibition which have not previously been previewed. I love the creepy First Contact image!

Here are a couple of sample pages from inside too:

Also from Universe Publishing, and expected to arrive in September, is the Star Trek Beyond calendar, which uses a version of the main poster art for its front cover.

The back cover shows us all the images used with in, all publicity photos from the film (and sadly not a single shot of the pretty starships and starbases).

Preview pages from this one too:

 Over in Germany, Heye has a Spock focused postcard calendar.

The main image is intended for use  as the postcard, and as you can see from the reverse image, you will need to trim off the calendar bits to reformat it for that use.

Heye have released previews of almost every page of the calendar!

Also from Heye is a large general TOS calendar.

This one features a poster page with one of the classic crew shots. The other pages are montages of images, each focused on a single episode. Again Heye have previewed this almost to completion.

Heye also has a small desktop flipbook, called Energie! Tag fur Tag. However despite that name, at 72 pages, this isn't a daily calendar, just something to flip through so Star Trek images and quotes can fill you with Star Trek joy.

There are no fewer than eleven different Star Trek 2017 calendars on the way, from three different publisher; see my Trek Collective List to check out all the others and for links to previous previews of the other titles.

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