Friday 8 July 2016

Latest round of Star Trek Beyond trailers

Paramount have unleashed several new TV spots and character focused spots for Star Trek Beyond recently, continue below to check them all out - There's a fair bit of new footage, which is getting increasingly spoilery, so proceed with caution.

But first, the first clip from the film, a moment on Starbase Yorktown between Spock and Uhura, and then some advice from Doctor McCoy:

Several new spots have been released, this first one has a number of beautful new ship shots, plus a funny Kirk moment in a torn uniform!

Interesting indication of the Enterprise's scale with a look in those saucer edge windows. And a beautiful use of scale in the spot of the Franklin below:

And here's another interesting shot, Doctor McCoy, flying a swarm ship maybe?

This next spot also has some new shots, and an interesting mention of a rescue mission in the what-I-assume-to-be briefing scene on Starbase Yorktown:

Starbase Yorktown is quickly becoming one of my favourite designs in Star Trek. It's just so beautiful!

In contrast to the above these other two new spots don't add much to what we've seen before:

Aside from the regular spots, Paramount have also release several character focused pieces. Here's Jaylah (with a few brief new shots):

There's much more new in the Kirk trailer, in particular a fight between Kirk and Krall:

So when does this fight take place I wonder. And more so, when and how does Kirk's shirt get torn? Do we meet Krall before the swarm attack? Does he already have a relationship with Kirk?

Then we've got Bones:

And finally Sulu, who's got some attitude:

Star Trek Beyond will be arriving in cinemas around the world from the end of July. To keep track of all the latest information on the film, visit my Star Trek Beyond guide page, and see the relevant pages on Trek Collective Archives to find all the trailers, posters, and promotional stills too.

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